Xbox Game Studios CEO Phil Spencer, made statements about whether a more powerful Xbox model will come out. Lately PS5 Pro While the rumors of the Series X did not fall off the agenda, the performance of the Series X also inflamed the discussions on this issue. So, will Microsoft release a more powerful console from Series X?

“We don't need a powerful console from Xbox Series X”

Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft does not need a new console at the moment. Unlike PlayStation, Microsoft, which has two versions (Series X and S) on the new generation console, seems to be satisfied with the power of Series X.

Launched in late 2020, the Xbox Series X and S are approaching their third year on the market. In contrast, the Xbox One series received updates within three and a half years, and the One X was launched. One X stood out with 4K resolution, one of the most important features of Series X.

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 recap: Starfield and more!

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 recap: Starfield and more!

What was announced as part of the Xbox Games Showcase 2023? Starfield, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Cyberpunk 2077 and more are in our news.

Microsoft actually announced a new console at the Xbox Games Showcase, but that was different from expectations. 1TB storage The carbon black Xbox Series S will meet the players very soon. It is reported that the new console, which doubles the storage of 512 GB, will go on sale for $ 349.

Xbox Series X is one of the strongest players in the console world. Running at 3.8 GHz compared to PS5's 3.5 GHz processor 8 core AMD processor takes its strength. The console, which includes the AMD RDNA 2 GPU named Scarlett, offers 24.29 TFLOPs of performance with GB VRAM.

However, Series X has some shortcomings in 4K resolution 60 FPS game playback. For example, redfall And of Starfield It will reportedly be locked at 30 FPS. Considering that there will not be a new console anytime soon, we can see an improvement on the Series X.