Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, the new production of the Counter-Strike series in the past months. After this news, which fell like a bombshell in the game world, the company started limited access and gave some players the right to play. Today, Valve shared the new weapon purchase screen that will come to CS: GO.

Here is the new weapon purchase screen that will come with Counter-Strike 2!

Valve shared the new weapon purchase screen that will come with Counter-Strike 2 through the official Twitter account representing the Counter-Strike series. This purchase screen, which draws attention with its similarity to VALORANT, created excitement in the players.

According to the transmitted information, the new purchase screen, which is fully customizable, includes 4 equipment, 5 pistols, 5 light weapons, 5 rifles and 5 bomb slots. The player can place any weapon they want in these slots, if they wish. So you can personalize your own purchase menu.

Counter Strike 2 is officially introduced!

Counter Strike 2 is officially introduced!

The new version of the FPS game Counter Strike, which has been popular for years: Counter Strike 2 is introduced! Here's how CS GO 2 is? the answer to the question!

On the other hand, the player will now be able to return the weapon they accidentally bought on the new screen. In this way, he will be able to get his money back without any deductions. Of course, it should be noted that this can be done during the purchase period. This feature has been highly requested by players for years.

This new purchase screen has now been released for all players participating in the limited testing of Counter-Strike 2. If you are also a beta user, you can check in the game after downloading the update.

When will Counter-Strike 2 come out?

Counter-Strike 2 will not come as a separate game, but as a free update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This update, which will also include the new purchase screen, is expected to be available to all players in the summer, that is, soon.

New weapon purchase screen coming with Counter-Strike 2

According to Valve's announcement, important innovations are expected for the game with Counter-Strike 2. It is stated that major changes will be made especially on maps, weapons and weapon mechanics. We will see this together in the coming months.

So what do you guys think about this issue? How did you find the new weapon purchase screen? Are you excited for Counter-Strike 2? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.