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Train Sim World 3 game review

Earlier this month, Dovetail Games released their flagship game, entitled World Sim Train 3. The game was released on September 2, 2022, is a train driving simulation game.

This British game developer often publishes train driving simulation games. The game itself is the sixth version that Dovetail Games has developed.

With high curiosity about this game, love4game decided to give it a try World Sim Train 3. Furthermore, train driving simulation games are usually not as popular as airplane simulators or other ground-wheeled vehicles like trucks or cars.

Intrigued by the review of the game Train Sim World 3? You can find the full review in the following love4game article!

Train Sim World 3 game review

Beautiful and realistic image landscape

Train Sim World 3 offers a beautiful setting.

Train Sim World 3 offers a beautiful setting. Through

Of course, one of the attractions of these games is the visual beauty they bring. good point of view First Person from inside the locomotive or from a third person, this game offers an extraordinary visual sensation.

Take, for example, the verdant scenery that you will encounter when traveling through the South East Highway located in London. If you take the Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel – Würzburg route in Germany in winter, you can see the snow-covered scenery. You’ll find the opposite when traveling through the Cajon Pass route, which is surrounded by various deserts and tends to be quite arid.

Shown in one of the stations included in this game.

Shown in one of the stations included in this game. Through

Not only looks beautiful from the outside, but the image inside the ship is also quite good. You can walk around inside the train, before the train departs. The interior of the train also really gives the feeling of being on a rather thick train.

In addition, you can also walk around the stations in this game. A special thing is that all the stations included in this game are exactly like the real world. The shape and design of the building from the platform to the train tracks are also authentic and identical.

Being a mechanic is not easy!

The atmosphere in the train cockpit in the game Train Sim World 3.

The atmosphere in the train cockpit in the game Train Sim World 3. Via

If you are curious about how the engineer controls the train, perhaps this game can give you a brief description of how difficult it is to control a train. Although it is only a simulation game, the level of detail of this game is quite deep.

My first impression when I first entered the locomotive was confusion at how many buttons there were in the cockpit. All these buttons have their respective functions and of course each train also has a cockpit design equipped with different buttons.

Indeed, there is a tutorial that you can play when you are new to this game, but this guide only teaches the basics. Example of how to make the train go on or make the train brake until it stops.

The most complicated moment I encountered was bringing the train to a halt. Even after playing this game for a few hours, I still can’t stop the train perfectly.

Sometimes my train goes too far and stops before a predetermined route or place. But I also often stop the train long before it stops, sometimes I even stop the train before it reaches the platform.

Another challenge is how to get the train to run at optimal speed. There is a maximum speed limit that you must adhere to when driving a train. Being able to control a fast train without exceeding the optimal limit is a challenge in itself.

You really have to be able to determine the right moment, when to speed up or slow down. You have to do all this manually, as this game has no instructions on when to slow down or speed up.

Not all trains and routes are available

A lot of paid content is included in Train Sim World 3.

There is a lot of paid content in Train Sim World 3. Via

One thing I regret about this game is that some of the content is locked behind fee wall. There are many trains and routes that you can only play if you buy add-ons summation.

The route this game provides in base gameit’s very little. As love4game mentioned earlier, there are only three routes available base game. The three routes are the South East Expressway in London, the Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel–Würzburg in Germany and the Cajon Pass in the United States.

One route caught my attention, the London Underground. Unfortunately, the route is locked behind fee walland around SGD43, a bit expensive in my opinion.

Some minor bugs are quite annoying

One downside that I consider quite ominous from this game is the lack of features save between session. This means you have to complete the route you play in just one sitting.

For routes with short distances, this is certainly not an issue. But this will be a problem for long routes. Because the distance you travel in the game is exactly the same as the distance traveled in the real world.

This means that if a real-world ride lasts two hours, the amount of time you have to play is also two hours. Of course, that requires a big commitment, to complete long routes in one sitting.

The cabin atmosphere is quiet and lifeless in Train Sim World 3.

The atmosphere in the cabin is quiet and lifeless in Train Sim World 3. Qua

At that time, passengers tend to be very passive, both when standing on the platform waiting for the train or when sitting in the train. When on board, passengers tend to sit motionless without any interaction with each other. This is really small, but of course it can detract from the playing experience.

overall World Sim Train 3 is a game for people who are interested or love trains. For them, this game is of course very interesting, with elements of extraordinary detail.

But if you are a casual player, chances are you won’t play this game for a long time. Also because style play quite complicated, the lack of available free routes can also get you bored quickly.

Train Sim World 3 itself has been released for various platforms, starting with Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, this game will be included in the category that you can play immediately. How, do you enjoy playing after reading the reviews of the game World Sim Train 3 This?

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