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Tower of Fantasy game review

This August, a game is expected to be a rival The Genshin effect appear. Games by genre open world role-playing game it also has a gacha feel with a city view very similar to Genshin Impact. Have you tried yet?

Imagination Tower Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Perfect World and Level Infinite. Prior to the global release, Tower of Fantasy was only playable in China. The positive feedback from players in China is the reason Tower of Fantasy has finally been released globally.

Slightly different from its predecessors, Tower of Fantasy has a futuristic Sci-Fi theme with living creatures that are mostly robots. Draft expand the world allowing players to enjoy a variety of beautiful and futuristic designs.

Are you curious to know what this Sci-fi game will be like? Listen Evaluate The following love4game game for reference before you play Fantasy tower.

Review the game Magical Tower

detailed customization

Customize your character as you like

Customize your character as you like

One of the features where this game really excels is creating your own character. You can use your own design or pre-built data (presets). Not only changing the outfit and hair color, you can also mix the most detailed things like the front hair, the middle hair and the back hair depending on your preferences.

You can also import data from someone else’s character to become your own character. Besides, you can become your favorite character like Naruto, Sasuke, Hu Tao, Keqing, etc. This feature should be more appreciated, because many action RPG lovers want to visualize the character they want in the game.

After creating this character, you can choose to use your own character or use the one you got from the gacha results. This feature is called Simulacra. Meanwhile, the characters from the gacha result are SR, SSR, to UR. It’s a kind of version character level Fantasy tower.

Remember that the character you can use is only one character. You have to change it back to the character you want to use. Don’t worry, you can still use previously created characters if you turn off Simulacra.

Very gacha friendly

Tower of Fantasy gacha screen

Tower of Fantasy gacha screen

Like most games these days, gacha is a must-have to beautify and make players addicted to finding the character they want. No need to worry if you play Free to playbecause at the beginning of the game you will get 30 gacha and for sure you will get the SR character.

Items to increase the level of the character and weapons are also in this gacha system. items will start from level N to UR. Keep in mind that characters will only appear at SR level or purple and above. If you turn blue, it’s not a character, it could be a weapon or items Because Level up.

Percentage to get SSR characters from standard banner is 0.75% for a gacha. If you pull the gacha 10 times, the chance of getting an SSR will be 2%. That doesn’t include the SR character in the 10 gacha.

There is also a system mercy What should you know? If you play gacha and have not received the SSR character, you will get one if you play around 80 gacha. The first time you play, you will be given an SSR character on the 30th gacha. Strategy Developers, This!

Action-RPG like MMORPG

Feature to take pictures with friends

Feature to take pictures with friends

Unlike other action RPGs, Tower of Fantasy responds to requests from many players. More than just changing characters, this game gives you the opportunity to play with many people in the same world.

Much player who will explore this world with you. You can work together mission at the same time, walk by their respective vehicles and also chat. Not only that, there will be Riddle with treasure prizes that you can only open if 2 people enter one communication.

Not stopping there, this game also has a PvP mode. That’s right, the war Player vs Player you can try to test your strength. This is also what makes some people say that this game is actually an MMORPG genre.

Many people say that this PvP is a game pay to win. In fact, this is because more gacha will make it easier for you to level up while also strengthening your character.

Imagination Tower There are also method Battle Royal allows you to fight with player others and survive to be the last one and get the prize. ABOVE method This Battle Royal, you can join alone if you are confident. You can also invite your friends to join party as many as four people.

You and your friends can also create a community through crew or group. Charts so one of the features that you see before joining the crew. There, you can find out which groups are still active and doing well before you join.

In the crew you can get crew point that you can exchange with items and weapons. The way to get these points is to do daily or weekly mission of the crew and also defeat monsters along with other teammates.

Tool which makes the adventure easier

Water skiing equipment

Water skiing equipment

World Imagination Tower There are many hidden enemies and treasures. The cliffs and sea are so high that you can cross in just a moment. If you have difficulty overcoming these obstacles, tool has been provided to facilitate your adventure.

Keep in mind that some tool you will only get after reaching a certain level. Tool The first person to be given is a jet pack which you can use to fly high to be able to reach certain cliffs. Skateboard You can use this water to cross the ocean to get to a new city quickly without having to swim across the ocean.

You’ll also get a motorcycle that can speed up land trips from city to city. Walking will actually take a very long time and consume physical strength.

You can change this media according to what you have. At the beginning of the launch of this game, you will receive a car in the form of a blue box with very unique numbers. There are many other things like robots, flying cars, horses, ostriches, etc. Oh, the collection toolThis!

No less interesting, yes tool that can help you to fight that is rocket launcher. Rocket launch this will help you defeat the current enemy with damage that’s pretty big. keep calm, tool You can get this at the start of the game to help you if you are having trouble defeating your enemies.

poor voice acting

Franz .'s voiceover

Franz .’s voiceover

Voice acting makes the game more comfortable because only with sound we can listen without having to read subtitle. In this game there are some parts that use audio for conversations between characters. However, there are also a few moments when silent characters make sounds when chatting.

You can experience this event at the start of the game, exactly after we’re in a new area above the clouds, when Franz is talking to Archon Elric. At the beginning of the conversation there is the voice of these two characters and the voice of our character, but in the middle of the conversation the dialogue is cut off with only Franz’s voice. Elric’s voice was still there and it was as if Elric was talking to himself.

don’t know this error or not but this still happens frequently in some conversations. However, so far the English and Japanese dubs are good and fit the existing characters very well.

Another annoying thing about this dialogue is that the character’s mouth doesn’t move at all. In live chats, only one character opens his mouth. When talking to more than three people, the character’s mouth doesn’t move and only the body moves.

There are still many errors

Giant character error

Giant character error

Bugs definitely exist in any game. In this game, there are some bugs that still make the game a bit slow, even requiring you to re-login.

A trivial error could be stranded on buildings or walls. When you stranded, you can’t move anywhere. Even if you do dash, jump, or use tool but can not. Hence this game provides a button remove that makes you revival in a safer place.

There is also a funny mistake when you replace channel, suddenly your character becomes very large compared to other player’s characters. This is felt by streamer Asmongold. For the first time, I realized how great other people’s bravery is, I don’t know if it’s intentional or real error? so he said.

Worse, there is an error that requires you to do re-login specifically the error stranded while chatting. During the chat, you cannot press any buttons, nor can open node or other. This error can only be resolved by doing re-login. The risk is that you have to repeat mission it’s from Checkpoints before.


Imagination Tower is a complete package for those of you who like adventure and war. Maybe when some bugs are fixed we will feel more comfortable in this game. As a result, patches and updates are often rolled out by developers. So very often when you start playing you have to download a new patch.

This game is available in all platform versions starting from Android, Windows and iOS for free. In the PC version, you can download this game through the official website. If you want to wait, turn on shop Steam already has the game Imagination Tower but it has not been released yet and will have to wait an uncertain time.

How about game rating Imagination Tower This? Is it true that this game will compete with Genshin Impact? Write your opinion and don’t forget to keep following love4game for all game and eSports information!

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