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Toram Online Game Review (2016)

Right, not wrong! Kali ini love4game quick memberikan review game Toram Online! The game that May 2015 feels is still worth playing until now. One of the strong reasons is that the plot is always updated.

love4game has been trying for about a month TRAM online. For me, who likes MMORPGs, this old school mobile game is a lot of fun. With a note, no honing and networking only in the Toram world.

It won’t take long, here’s a game review Online Toram Kincir version.

Game Reviews Online Toram

Normal story though Relax!

The extent of the Toram Online map

The extent of the Toram Online map

Thoram Brings us to a simple story, about the battle between good and evil. A world that was originally a tetram is being disturbed by Villain and evil monsters. The world is destroyed so that the earth is divided into four regions. This division of the region eventually divided the different tribes that took refuge in each area.

Since this MMORPG is so diligently updated, the wheel is quite amazed at the vastness of the world we explore. The landscape is also unique; From time to time you will go to a verdant, coastal land, to the shadows of Mount Merapi. According to play mission IN thoram Really relax. Light conversation with a typical anime joke.

The graphics are an anime fan favorite

Amidst a wide selection of MMORPGs or Action-RPGs with crazy graphics, Toram comes out with 3D Japanese cartoon-style graphics. You can dress up your character with an Avatar or Spina Ticket. Oh yes, they also have an avatar contest that you can follow.

When you enter cities with a high minimum level, you are like entering a fashion show. The players Thoram Those who have played for a long time will definitely dress their characters as cool as possible. Make ordinary players like me a bit self -deprecating.

Not only cosmetics thoram build character according to what you want. The system is a point tree. Every time you level up you will get points for build your character. Any armor and weapons can also be modified at the Blacksmith with certain items.

It should be noted that there are no classes or jobs in Online Toram. You are only required to choose a weapon when you first create your character.

Being a person is really lazy, or really like it!

Impressed when you try it Online Toram can be a very direct choice; really like it or really don’t like it. You see, this baseball game has mount, kLater Teleport must also use a Teleport Ticket or Orb. This Orb is converted from the Orb Shard that we got. There is a fee but yes! I can do too agriculture, but you have to kill a lot of monsters. Lazy, right?

I tried exploring while doing the main quest and often mumbled; “I feel so troublesome, at least don’t continue…” Actually, I’ve continued to play until now. Each area has cute monsters and unique landscapes. The signature song lines of old games also made me feel at home.

We are also asked to read mission careful. You see, baseball has no signposts to the place to be tackled. They only provided the name of the place so we had to find our way to it. Remember, teleporting Rp. 16 nghìn! Accidentally reading this quest got me hooked on the story. This is probably what makes the other 13 million players feel at home

Mission in Online Toram there are two: main quest and sidequests. The main task will unlock the Main Story, Boss and Dungeon. Temporary Sub -sections Bring you a lot of exp and . The items you get at Subsections can be sold to you for more EXP rewards and bonus items. Even some things for Subsections can be traded in Deposit table. The choice is yes, want to make money or want to find happy IN TRAM online. Ha ha!


Outline is a MMORPG game Easy That does not require you Hard Crush. Trò chơi do Asobimo làm này cũng không có PVP. So in the world Thoram, You can only form a party to defeat monsters together, chat with other players, and trade between players.

In addition, their guild is also active. It didn’t take much time until I was invited to a guild. In this festival, talk about the game and even many things outside the game; For example just talk interest!

What do you think? Anyone else like to play? Online Toram Or are you retired? Currently, TRAM online Can also be played on PC by downloading on Steam. This game has ended Crossplatform! Whatever your choice, according to love4game, Toram is still a lot of fun to play today. Agree?

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