New action build inspired by the GTA series The Precinctaroused curiosity with the first gameplay trailer. Players will try to become a police officer in a dangerous city called Averno City. Being set in 1983, it gives a place to a retro atmosphere. Here are The Precinct platform, release date and other details.

The Precinct trailer, release date and more

Summer Game Fest The new GTA-style game announced within the scope of the game gives players the chance to become a rookie police officer. Nick Ordell Jr. In the game, where you will play the main character, there are some details that have not been seen before.

The first notable innovation in The Precinct will be the ability for players to request assistance from the police department in difficult situations. This boost will give them access to a variety of resources to catch criminals, such as barricades and tire-popping road traps.

There will only be 75 in the world: Xbox Series X Porsche Edition is coming!

There will only be 75 in the world: Xbox Series X Porsche Edition is coming!

Only 75 will be produced in the world and few people will have these consoles. Here are the consoles produced in partnership with Porsche and Xbox!

Precinct PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can be played on their platforms. However, an exact release date has not been shared yet. After the event, players stated that Precinct will debut “before GTA 6”.

The gameplay trailer showcases iconic vehicle and pedestrian action from the Grand Theft Auto series. The graphics of the game also resemble the first GTA. Although it is not competing with GTA 6, it should not be forgotten that it is in a similar line.

The developer also said that players can explore the city on foot, by squad car, and by helicopter. It has been reported that there will be many police duties in the game, from parking violations to gang clashes.

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