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Stumble Guys game review

In mid-2020 a game Royal War shocked the world. The game is The fall boy, and immediately became an extraordinary phenomenon. What feedback? The fall boy Be very active and be one of the best games out there in 2020.

A few weeks ago, Epic Games announced that if The fall boy will be a game play for free starting at the end of June this year. Before The fall boy As a free game, it turns out that there are a lot of free alternatives to this game that are circulated through consoles, PCs or mobile phones.

stumbler is one such alternative. You can download this game for free via the Apps Store or Google Play Store if you’re playing on mobile, and via Steam if you’re playing on PC.

stumbler released on October 7, 2021 and is an immediate alternative The fall boy loved by the Indonesian people. Several well-known Indonesian content creators have started creating videos about this game and have received a positive response from viewers.

While waiting The fall boy free, love4game will review the game stumbler very similar to The fall boy. Curious to know what is the game released by Kitka Games? Please refer to the following article!

game review stumbler

Remind you The fall boy

Stumble Guys has similar elements to Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys has similar elements to Fall Guys. Through

The first impression you will get when you try this game for the first time will definitely make you remember forever The fall boy. Yes, this game has a lot of similarities with the game released by Epic Games.

Visually this game has a very similar feel to The fall boy. Starting from the choice of colors used, the shapes of the characters are also quite cute and also the overall appearance.

Not only intuitive, this game also has the same mechanics as The fall boy. The control of this game is quite simple because there are only two types of control: move and jump.

The concept of this game can also be said to be similar to The fall boy. In a match with three rounds, each round will eliminate a number of players. Then, in the final round, the first player to reach the line complete will be crowned the winner.

Very easy access

This game is also available on mobile phones.

This game is also available on mobile phones. Through


like a game play for free, easy accessibility is certainly an invaluable added value. As love4game mentioned, you can download this game for free via mobile and PC.

The presence of this game on mobile phones is also proof that it is very easy to try out this game. This allows you to play this game, even when you’re not sitting in front of your PC. Especially with the majority of Indonesians still playing games via mobile phones, this game has the potential to explode and become one of the favorite games in this country.

These two things are still obstacles for us The fall boy to be able to win the hearts of Indonesian game fans. Because right now The fall boy it’s still a paid game, although it will be a play for free at the end of June. besides The fall boy are still exclusive to PCs and consoles, making their reach not great stumbler.

There are still limitations

This game has a rather small map.

This game has a rather small map. Through

Often imitated but never copiedthe English term feels quite appropriate to describe stumbler. Although they have the same concept, the taste stumbler there are still some limitations compared to the original creator.

For example, in terms of the number of players, stumbler gather only 32 people in a match. This makes the game feel very fleeting and reduces the satisfaction of playing in a match.

Quantity map The content contained in this game is also relatively little, especially for games based on very simple mechanics. The total game is only 20 map distinctive. You’ll only need to play the game for a few hours and you’ve probably already tried them all map what this game is trying to deliver.

like a game play for free, of course, Kitka Games will include elements of microtransactions into this game. They sell some skin that you can buy, as well as own the system overcome the battle like the game in general.

With a simple machine system and map over and over, it feels too heavy if Kitka Games expects players to spend money to buy overcome the battle or skin what they offer.

Fortunately, the microtransactions in this game are for aesthetics only and do not affect the mechanics of the game. This makes players who miss spending money will not feel disadvantaged when playing this game even though they do not spend a dime.


overall stumbler has become an alternative for players who haven’t had a chance to try The fall boy. For those who play via mobile, this game has facilities style play very suitable for entertainment and suitable for you to try at your leisure.

If playing via PC, you should wait The fall boy Who will attend? play for free at the end of June.

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