Steam announced the 2023 discount periods!

We can divide the discounts on Steam into three. First of all, everyone is waiting with excitement and all games can participate. Big Seasonal Sale exists. Secondly, the games that are suitable for the theme are discounted. Themed Discount Events (Festivals) is located. Finally, players can try demos of games that haven’t been released yet. Next Fest is coming.

Steam shared the calendar of these discount periods with a blog post it shared. In addition, registrations are open for game producers to participate. first big discount 16-23 March was made between However, it should be noted that there is also a part where Steam says that it can make changes on these dates otherwise.

Huge raise on Steam: These games are no longer available!

Huge raise on Steam: These games are no longer available!

Another hike has come for Steam game prices. But this time, there was an increase in affordable games, not AAA productions.

2023 Steam Sale and Festivals Calendar

  • Puzzle Festival: April 24 – May 1
  • Sports Festival: 15-22 May
  • NextFest: 19-26 June
  • Summer Sale: 29 June – 13 July (big seasonal sale)
  • Privacy Festival: 24-31 July
  • Visual Novel Festival: 7-14 August
  • Strategy Festival: 28 August – 4 September
  • SHMUP Festival: September 25 – October 2
  • NextFest: 9-16 October
  • Return of Steam Scream Festival (Halloween): October 26 – November 2 (detailed information will be shared soon)
  • Autumn Sale: 21-28 November (big seasonal sale)
  • Winter Sale: 21 December – 4 January (big seasonal sale)

You can access this calendar by clicking here. So what do you think about this news? Which games would you like to see on sale during the Steam 2023 sale period? Do not forget to share your views with us in the Comments section.