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Sony will Create a Live Service Game Service with the Latest Series

Telset.id, Jakarta – Sony PlayStation is trying to make a profit with a new service, namely a live service game with a variety of the latest game titles he made.

Sony’s PlayStation exclusive games are already widely known by gamers, and the company is reportedly planning to enter new franchises into the live service game service.

Reported Telset from Gizmochina, various single-player titles on PlayStation consoles have earned wide accreditation. This includes exclusive games, such as God of War, Horizon series, The Last of Us and many more.


However, it appears the company is planning to expand to a very successful strategy that many other companies with direct service business models are implementing as well.

For those who don’t know, a live game service is a service that allows players to play a game using internet connectivity and usually offers some multiplayer elements.

Game titles are also usually available free to play and companies make money by selling cosmetic items in the game or in the form of paid DLC.

One of the reasons for the success of game services like this is that studios need to make games and constantly update the content they offer to maintain their player base.

One great example of this service is the wildly successful game Fortnite from Epic Games and the Destiny franchise by Bungie. Now, it seems that Sony is also trying to make some changes to its own formula.

Notably, this news also comes as the company is planning to launch a new handheld game streaming device that can work from the PlayStation 5.


Previously, 88 percent of the company’s games followed the traditional model, while only 12 percent would be part of a live service game. However, it was recently revealed that the company’s latest investment will make up ratios of 40% and 60%, respectively.

In other words, companies will lean heavily towards this new service model. In addition, plans to launch a new franchise for this service. The company promises to offer several new games from PlayStation Studios. [NM/HBS]

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