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Review the game Stray

Since it was first introduced in 2020, lost become one of the most awaited games. After many delays, this game was finally released to the market on Tuesday (July 19) yesterday.

The enthusiasm of the game fans is also high in welcoming this game. The reason is the video that Annapurna Interactives shows as publishing company This game not only attracts the attention of game players but also cat lovers.

This game takes a cat as the main character and acts like a cat in general. Starting from jumping to different heights, to interacting with other cats you can do in this game.

Launching the official Playstation blog, Bluetwelve Studio as the developer of this game really consists of a bunch of people who really like cats. They have two studio cats named Oscar and Jun. The interaction of two furry animals with various objects in their office is the inspiration for every interaction and movement you find in this game.

Intrigued by the thickness of the cat shades in this game? Listen Evaluate The back wheel is used as a reference before you decide to buy this game or not!

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What a cat game!

Stray makes an impression when playing as a cat.

Stray makes an impression when playing as a cat. Through
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I want to support BlueTwelve Studio as the developer of this game. This French company can provide a very complete cat-making experience!

As the owner of three domestic cats, I really see BlueTwelve Studio’s hard work in bringing the cat image into this game. All the interactions the cat does in this game, similar to what my cat usually does at home.

Interact with other cats in the game Lost.

Interact with other cats in the game Lost. Through

Starting from scratching a carpet or tree, licking other cats, leaning on a human leg (in this game conceived in a humanoid robot), to a pose before jumping that really resembles a cat in the real world.

Then, when the cat steps on the keyboard, the computer screen will show the letters that the cat has stepped on. Not only that, the reaction the cat makes when he first gets dressed is also very similar to a cat in the real world.

When the cat is first dressed, the cat will be a bit unruly and have difficulty walking. It takes some time for the cat to adjust, before it can walk normally.

Even so, so that you can really become a cat, Bluetwelve Studios has prepared a special button to meow. In this game, the O button on the Playstation is used specifically to make a cat meowing sound. If you meow when you are with other cats, other cats will meow in response to you. Truly a lovely sight, if you are a cat lover.

The story is simple, but leaves an impression in the heart

The plot elements are simple but still hit the player's psychology.

The plot elements are simple but still hit the player’s psychology. Through

Assume that this game is a funny and cute game about cats, which immediately disappear as soon as you start the story of this game. You are initially introduced as a cat, and can do the above. But not long after, you have to witness the cat has to be separated from his friends.

He is separated from his group after jumping through an unsuccessful pipe. The cat fell and became trapped in an underground city, inhabited by cyborgs and a creature of the Zurks type. This creature is an evolved form of a bacterium, now transformed into a monster that can eat anything.

The cat must befriend the cyborgs, to save them from being attacked by the Zurks. Besides, the cat also has to rely on the help of a robot named B-12, to escape from the underground city and reunite with his friends.

Much cut scenes in this game well done. You really feel sad when the cat falls, separated from the crowd. Especially the scene where the cat has to limp after falling will make you extremely touched and sympathize with the cat.

Dualsense implementation is very obvious

This game gives an additional impression when played with Dualsense.

This game gives an additional impression when played with Dualsense. Through

When you play this game remote controll PS5, then you will have a different feeling when playing this game. BlueTwelve Studio seems to really take advantage of all the features that Dualsense has.

For example, when the cat is sleeping, Dualsense will vibrate to the rhythm when the cat is sleeping growl. Then when the cat is scratching on the carpet or sofa, then feature haptic feedback from Dualsense will work immediately.

You will find the R2 and L2 buttons in the Dualsense very difficult to press. This is of course consistent with what the cat feels. When the cat scratches on the sofa or carpet, the surface of these two objects will feel heavy when scratching at first. But the longer you scratch the sofa or carpet, the easier it is to press the R2 and L2 buttons.

How to play is too simple

This game mechanics is very easy for you to master.

This game mechanics is very easy for you to master. Through

It seems that BlueTwelve Studios is really targeting cat lovers, to try playing this title. If you are used to playing themed games action adventure And do a quiz‘s gameplay lost simply missed.

Basically you don’t need skill eligible to be able to play this game. Riddle what this game offers also does not take long for you to solve. The majority of different obstacles are present in this game, you just have to find a way to jump from one place to another.

Besides, you also cannot dance freely, because Bluetwelve Studio only restricts you from being able to jump to a certain place. This means that there are places where the cat can reach, but you cannot in this game.

The stealth element in this game is not too difficult.

The stealth element in this game is not too difficult. Through


Indeed, when entering the end of the game, there are elements invisible which BlueTwelve Studio has added. But coming back after understanding the enemy’s movement patterns, you can pass the level easily.

When you face a group of Zurks, the cat won’t fight either. He relies solely on his speed to run away from the Zurks’ pursuit or uses the many objects around him to trap the Zurks. The weapon elements to defeat the Zurks, even are only given in one chapter and you can’t continue.

Then this game is also quite short. To be able to complete this game, you only need about 4 to 6 hours. Even then, with a comfortable playing record, with most of the time spent exploring the world in this game.

You will not find machines to fight in this game. For some fans of the action and adventure game genre, this will probably disappoint you a bit.

On the other hand, this is what makes lost become a special game. The cat’s tendency to avoid conflict is illustrated in this game. This game offers the experience of being a cat without neglecting the realistic elements in it.


Overall, you must play this game if you are a cat lover. The different things the cat does in this game will remind you of the cat you have.

In addition, this game can also be played easily by anyone. Even if you are someone who rarely plays games, lost you can still enjoy because this game mechanics is not too difficult.

After reading the game review lost Here, do you want to try? You can buy this game on PS Store for 30 USD or on Steam for 150k IDR. However, if you subscribe to PS Plus Deluxe and Extra, you can play for free. Don’t forget to keep visiting love4game to get more Evaluate Another game!

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