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Review the game Monster Hunter Rises

After a long wait, Capcom finally delivers Monster Hunter Rises to the console next generation Playstation 5 and Xbox X|S Series. welcome presence Monster Hunter Rises to the console next generationhence the article game review This time I will review the good things about this game made by Capcom.

Capcom actually released this game in March 2021. It’s a shame that this release is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. A year later, Capcom brought the game to PC, before coming to the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles on January 20, 2023.

You can play the game live on that date, if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass. love4game plays this game using Xbox Series X|S and has a very enjoyable playing experience.

Intrigued by game reviews Monster Hunter Rises from love4game? Come on, just check out the following post, OK?

Review the game Monster Hunter Rises

Maximum performance

Recently there has been a debate about how some developers have thought about leaving the console last generation like Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The reason is that the supply of these two systems is no longer scarce and causes many console users to switch to new generation consoles such as Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

The latest generation consoles have more sophisticated technology, so they are more “premium” for playing the latest games. I had that experience playing this game through the Xbox Series S, which isn’t the most powerful console Microsoft currently has.

Review the game Monster Hunter Rises

Review the game Monster Hunter Rise Through


While it doesn’t have the same complex specs as the Xbox Series X, this game runs flawlessly on the Xbox Series S. For example, this game runs completely at 60fps and I barely do. what do you feel. Frames completely even while fighting savagely with a large number of monsters.

Then what surprised me quite a bit was loading time in this game is also very fast. The transition from the city to the forest where the hunt took place was very fast seamlessand sometimes less than 10 seconds has moved position.

If the experience of playing with Xbox Series S is inherently the “lowest level” of the console next generation it is already very comfortable, of course the playing experience that you will get when using Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X will definitely be a lot better.

Monster hunting experience taken to a whole new level

If you’re familiar with the gameplay extended by Capcom in the previous version, you’ll certainly be familiar with it. style play contained in Monster Hunter Rises. Capcom still uses the same powerful formula they used, in different versions of this franchise.

You still play as a monster hunter who must perform various tasks and conquer monsters capable of disrupting the peace of the city. You still can free roam Explore the five types of maps this game is trying to offer.

Capcom itself continues to offer various enhancements that make your playing experience even better. One of the problems I had while playing Monster Hunter World is a very long travel time to get to the end of the map.

Monster hunting experience taken to a whole new level

Monster hunting experience is raised to a higher level Qua


Well, it doesn’t feel so deep anymore Monster Hunter Rises. Now you can ride your pet dog aka Palamutes, just like a horse. Of course, this makes the travel time to the destination location faster and it is no longer monotonous.

Another new mechanic in this game is the use of Wirebug, which allows your character to reach higher ground. You can also use Wirebug to walk the wall for a limited time.

Now you can also launch air attack Also known as air attack. For example, you can jump while riding a Palamutes to attack your opponent instantly. You can also leverage Wirebug to create momentum to attack your opponents from the air.


The appearance of these two mechanics certainly solved my personal complaints, which I complained about in the previous version of this game. The addition of these two is also a sweet addition, in the midst of Capcom’s decision to make stick to the roots about gameplay.

For normal players like me, the base style play similar to the previous version so I don’t need to adjust to play this game. For example, monster hunting is still divided into two categories, which are large and small monsters.

Hunting large monsters still takes longer and is of course more difficult to kill because of their relatively large numbers. Meanwhile, small monsters are easier for you to defeat, but have a much larger number

Nice graphics to look at

My first impression while playing this game is that the graphics are great, for a game that doesn’t take up much warehouse that’s big enough. This game has a game scale more or less the same as other games and not oversized such as NBA 2K23, still in my opinion the winner in terms of graphics.

In addition to the performance I discussed earlier, there are some positives that I think are important enough to discuss. For example, the atmosphere in this game is much brighter than that Monster Hunter World.

Review the game Monster Hunter Rises

Review the game Monster Hunter Rise Through

This makes the graphics of this game more pleasing to my eyes, which are already quite nearsighted. surroundings I think this is seen in the city, where there is a color contrast that I think is very relevant. Use color combinations ton bright, makes me personally much more comfortable.

Then when you go hunting at night, the shades aren’t too dark either. Quite surprising actually, because I had to upgrade first Brightness game when trying Monster Hunter World a few years ago.

Now I don’t need to upgrade Brightnessbecause setting-The default of this game is bright enough for my eyes. Things that seem trivial, but in my opinion still have an impact on improving the playing experience.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rises is a game that I can recommend to beginners or longtime players of this franchise. style play featured Monster Hunter combined with panel technology next generation To maintain this game, is the perfect combination in a game with genre action adventure.

If you are a customer of Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass services, you should try this game out quickly. Meanwhile, if you use a Playstation, you can purchase it through the Playstation Store digitally.

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