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(REVIEW) My friend Pedro: It’s ripe for revenge

Simple, interesting and unique are the three keywords that describe My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge.

My Friend Pedro is a game independence was popular in 2019. The games that have been on display since PAX West 2018 carry the . format side scroll quite popular since it was released in communication COMPUTER.

Its skyrocketing popularity has led to this game being released in various forms. communication another game. At the beginning of this month, version mobileit was finally co-released under the title My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge on August 4, 2021.

Released under the umbrella of DevolverDigital, the game developed by DeadToast Entertainment offers action casual games that you should try. Accompanying Pedro — the main character, you will help him save his wife and children who are kidnapped by criminals.

Then can this game be a fun and worthy title for you to play? To answer that, consider the following review, OK!

Reviewing My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Very simple controls and mechanics

How to play in My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge.

How to play in My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. Through

My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge adopt a play style side scroll from the original version — with changes to the visual presentation of course mobile platform.

It should be noted, this game has some changes in the way the game controls compared to the PC version. IN mobile platform, game control is made very simple. Players just need to adjust rollingpedals and points to shoot.

In addition to the control adjustment experience, this game also experiences the game mechanics adjustment in the portal mobile. One of them is the auto-focus mechanism — one of the game’s most unique mechanics. Each player will make a decision – whether to jump or shoot, then focus is automatically activated immediately.

Those mechanical changes make the game My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge become much simpler and simpler, but still fun to play.

Design levels and difficulty progress


Despite being equipped with simple controls and mechanics, My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge still manages to deliver a rather difficult difficulty level. With style side scrollthis game offers various levels of design—depending on the level stage being played.

Moreover, the level design provided will be supplemented by more and more game elements and make the game more complex. In addition, the game screen design also has many obstacles in the game that are quite difficult to overcome.

Design levels change with each upgrade stage it is actually a very natural thing to increase the difficulty of the game. Game progress is provided by My Friend Pedro quite reasonable.

You won’t see a drastic increase in difficulty from one level to the next. The progress of the difficulty is quite reasonable My Friend Pedro like a casual game won’t make you upset because you’ve failed in one stage many times.

The only thing that’s pretty bad about the level design is the star system. Players will receive a star every time they reach a certain number of points in a stage. Points can be collected by killing enemies which can later be maximized by combine.

This star system is really insignificant as it doesn’t provide anything for game progress. Worse still, this star system is also somewhat unsatisfactory to achieve.

System Fight that is Satisfy!

Innovative battle system My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge.

Innovative battle system My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. Through

IN My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge, you will play the role of assassins who use weapons to finish off enemies. Similar to original version, version mobile it still offers many killing styles.

You can kill enemies one by one or you can destroy enemies simultaneously. There are many different ways. You can finish off enemies while jumping, rollingor by just staying in place.

By maximizing every element of the game, you can also kill your enemies in any way you want, from exploding gasoline, bouncing bullets through a pot to chasing enemies with a motorbike.

The author himself likes the best way to kill enemies with skateboard available. The reason is, in addition to providing the element free while in use skateboardPlayers can comfortably shoot into every nook and cranny of enemies that appear.

Perfect game presentation


game presentation My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge considered very good. You can see a pretty obvious difference in appearance between the original (PC) version and the original version mobile. It’s not as good as the PC version, but the visual version is mobile not a disappointment.

In version mobile, this game has a cartoon style graphic style with bright pastel colors contrasting quite soothing to the eyes. In addition to matching the usual game style, this graphical presentation is quite unique when facing the barbaric game style of the movie. John Wick.

In addition to the visual presentation, this game also has a background music that supports all the action very well. With high tempo music, players seem to feel the excitement of a challenging action.

In addition, this game is also equipped with sound effects of gunfire, broken glass and explosions quite well. It’s not surprising in general My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge can provide a tense and enjoyable playing experience.

Playtime is very short


The only downside is My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge is the duration recess very short. Just by completing 36 stage Of course, you can finish it.

IN stage In the end, your mission is accomplished—save Pedro’s children, adopted children, and wife.

The author feels that playing time is very lacking. With just four to five hours of gameplay, you can complete the entire game.

Once completed, the player has the freedom to repeat the progress to get high stars in each level. However, as discussed above, this is a bit repetitive and it is not achievement satisfaction to achieve.


simple, happyand only three keywords describe it My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revenge. Is a ported version mobileyou can still enjoy style play same as the original version.

However, to fully enjoy the game My Friend Pedro: Ready for Revengeyou have to spend 43,000 IDR — a pretty decent price for a game as good as this.

What do you think of the above reviews? Have you played it yet? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, stay up to date with the latest mobile game news only at love4game!

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