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(REVIEW) Marvel Future Revolution

Netmarble must be recognized as one of them Developers Diligent games make fun games. At the end of August 2021 yesterday, they released a new game called Future Revolution Marvel. Honestly, when I first heard the name, the writer’s mind immediately thought of a similar title but the same genre. MOBA.

Turns out this game is much different and much more viable to play and work with. besides having style play interesting, Future Revolution Marvel it brings a lot of features to provide a different gaming experience than most other MMORPGs. Indeed, in any case, there are a few shortcomings that may or may not be essential.

The problem is that according to love4game, the fun of this game depends on the player’s perspective. You may find it boring at first, but it can also be addictive, as the author has experienced so far after playing for about three weeks. After all the fun, let’s get straight to the Evaluate Future Revolution Marvel!

Review Marvel Future Revolution

Not all Avengers characters can be used

Game Marvel Future Revolution.

Game Marvel Future Revolution. Through


A total of eight Avengers characters are presented in this game Future Revolution Marvel. Of course, each character has their own strengths that are tailored to their abilities in the movie or comic Marvel. But unfortunately, not every iconic character can be used in this game.

The eight characters include Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Spider-Man, Captain America, Storm and Captain Marvel. It’s a pity that there’s no Thor or Hulk at least as characters in this game. Although the writer immediately thought of using one of them when playing.

The plot of Iron Man in Marvel Future Revolution

The plot of Iron Man in Marvel Future Revolution Via

However, eight characters were presented with background each story without compromising the concept Multiplayer. The problem is that the presence of the background is only at the beginning until you are finally taken to the OMEGA Headquarters. Then you’ll go on a mission in style MMORPG usually by talking to the NPC and then completing the objective.

love4game still hopes that in update Later, there are more characters in the game. The problem is that the eight characters already presented are still missing. It’s not that bad! But it’s like missing something if not all inclusive.

Each character does not have a specific job

Captain America Marvel Future Revolution.

Captain America Marvel Future Revolution. Through

For those of you who are very familiar with this genre MMORPG must also be familiar with the system job. This is what will decide style play you are in the game. However, it seems that Netmarble does not want to prioritize this system and emphasize Marvel characters more. The problem is that no character classification is displayed.

For example, is Iron Man a combat aircrafts or Black Widow with ability invisible Can you say an Assassin? Not exactly because each character has their own strengths and their role in the game can be the same. Everything works explode, Stun, to the durability. dependent build that you apply when playing this game.

Alliance in Marvel Future Revolution.

Alliance in Marvel Future Revolution. Through

Practicality job this is usually only seen when doing dungeon. For example, in Ragnarok X: The Next Generation. There are priests who can do that healingthen there is a Knight is Tankersand Assassin or Hunter play the role damage agent. Well, specs like this are not presented in the game Marvel’s Future Revolution.

So when party-ONE to complete Blitz (type dungeon) or Special Missions, yes, they all overlap. It’s clear who gives the most damage biggest. There’s nothing to help you guys do Heal, or keep. So be smart so that the characters used don’t die.

According to love4game, this is a negative value for the game Future Revolution Marvel. If there was only one system jobthe game becomes more orderly because it can adjust the composition of the players inside party. For example Strom magician or Captain America is a Tankers. Oh, the specs job this will also generate build The characters become more interesting.

Standard gameplay, but not boring

Marvel Future Revolution Game Mission.

Marvel Future Revolution Game Mission. Through

It’s quite surprising why this is possible, possibly due to the iconic characters present in the game. The point is, when it comes to style play there are features automatic It must be boring, you just click here and there and the character moves towards the NPC and completes the task by himself.

Surprisingly, the author is not bored style playjust like that. Each quest runs as simple as killing a certain number of monsters. There are also quests that require you to search items hidden, but yes, for fashion automatic so just found out. The most difficult missions are only available when you run Blitz, Special Mission or Omega War.

The coolest mode in Marvel Future Revolution

The coolest mode in Marvel Future Revolution Via

Well, especially for Omega War love4game, give it a plus! The problem was in an arena where more than 50 players gathered. There, players are divided into two factions and kill each other. It’s like if you’ve played before increased forceThis mode is similar to guild war. The difference is, players entering this mode are chosen at random, not necessarily according to a Guild or the same Union.

This serial murder takes place in a certain time. In this mode we have to find as many points as possible and collect points. Then there will be accumulated points every week and you will receive prizes in the game.

Overall, the gameplay in this game is very standard. However, there are several factors that make Future Revolution Marvel so it’s not boring. If the modes described earlier do not help, it seems that the author will not play for a long time Future Revolution Marvel.

Not For Potato Phones

Displays high resolution graphics settings.

Displays high resolution graphics settings. Through

Don’t expect you to be able to play Future Revolution Marvel IN smartphone whatever. The problem is that not all specs can support this game for download. Besides, you really have to use it tool it’s okay to have to play this game. The point is that there are several aspects that must be considered when playing this game.

The first time I entered the game, love4game immediately changed setting The graph is right aligned. This maximization will of course have an impact on smartphone you. First, it’s obvious that the battery will leak a lot. Playing for 15 minutes can use up 20-30% of the battery and of course the temperature heats up quickly. However, the advantages you can get are no joke.

Costume details for the area folder in this game should really be appreciated. The problem is that when you change the graphics settings to maximum, there are small effects but they have an important role in the game. For example the following winds skill issued or trouble on the street can be crushed by an attack.

Marvel Future Revolution gameplay

How to play Marvel Future Revolution Via

Complete graphics settings short Of course it will take away the cool Future Revolution Marvel. love4game feels when the graphic change is completed short, as if there is dew blocking. Although not too thick, it is quite offensive because it omits the details of the costume and skill.

Best graphics settings.

Best graphics settings. Through

Hitherto, fake The best graphics according to love4game keep the charts HighBut frame rateit just fits. The point is that the appearance of battles or character movements is very good without exaggerating it.

From all, heat control is quite important. Don’t use it setting too high because it will affect the graph. pinwheel wear low setting for this feature because it intentionally wants to maximize the graphics.

graphics in Marvel Future Revolution

graphics on Marvel Future Revolution Via
Display screen

For those of you who want to play this game, use it setting adjust tool. Don’t push the machine too much as it becomes more frequent mobile phone Heat will affect the battery. Instead of playing good games but broken crickets, it’s better to optimize the specs tool so you can still get the impression of the game without getting hurt mobile phone your.

Both F2P and P2W can be enjoyed!

love4game immediately learns about this game pay to win. However, this game can still be tricked into making your character stronger than the paid players. It’s pretty easy to get an Omega Card or a 4- to 5-star outfit. It doesn’t take much crystal do gacha.

Every day there is a daily bonus with prizes crystal, if you want a little patience. You can do it gacha up to twice for Omega Card and skin. In addition, character growth can also be obtained from upgrading team rank. There are different ways to increase this feature, it’s important that you don’t miss the daily quests and sidequests.

Difference power in this game it is really a big influence. But from love4game’s experience, even if you don’t pay to win, but the debate about your strength with other players is not too far off. The difference is only from 10 thousand to 20 thousand points.

In the game Future Revolution Marvel even though you have different points as mentioned, you can still win if duel. The problem is the most influential is the smart arrangement skill set and the Omega Card combination.


Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it Future Revolution Marvel thanks to the gameplay presentation as well as the incredible visuals. Just try it out, no problem, even if you want to give your best, this game is still decent. Although to form Guild or alliance is still quite difficult because most players still play as they like.

What do you think? Please write your opinion in the comments column, OK! Don’t forget to continue to follow love4game to not miss the latest news about other games.

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