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(REVIEW) Grand Honkai Sword Impact 3rd

Grand Honkai Sword Impact 3rd is a role-playing game made by HAK3 Games. Previously, this developer from Pakistan often released casual games that were relatively light to enjoy.

This is the first time they’ve released an RPG game—one of the more difficult genres to develop. The reason is, RPG games involve many game elements that need attention, starting from plot, character development to game progression.

this game also quite “suspicious”. The reason is, the name of the game seems to take advantage of the name Honkai impact And The Genshin effect – two games role-playing action which was quite successful from miHoYo. Unsurprisingly, we can surmise that there may be attempts to piggyback on fame Honkai impact.

So what Grand Honkai Sword Impact to be a decent game to play? Or is this game just hitchhiking on the big names again? Honkai impact according to our doubt?

Comment Grand Honkai Sword Impact

The quality of graphics and animation makes viewers’ eyes hurt

See the effect of the Grand Honkai sword

View of the effect of the Grand Honkai sword through

Admittedly, the emergence of games like PUBG Mobile or The Genshin effect raise new standards in game quality and visual performance mobile. Many other developers have followed in the footsteps of the two games by releasing games with captivating visuals.

While other RPG games are starting to compete for high-end graphics display, Grand Honkai Sword Impact really dare to appear with style have pixels this reminds the creator of the game 3D search adventure.

Unfortunately, the graphic quality is spelled out obsolete for a game released in 2021. Maybe the graphic style is just developer preference. So for the author, the choice of graphic style have pixels this is still understandable.

HAK3 Games as a developer doesn’t seem to take it seriously Grand Honkai Sword Impact. Obviously, the game’s animation presentation is pretty bad as well. You’ll see rigid character movements and repetitive attack patterns—no change in attack moves.

Besides, this game also only appeared with 30 fps. Yes, the poor graphic presentation and rigid animations, plus the FPS limit, are the perfect combination that makes players uncomfortable when playing for too long.

Not to mention, the graphic presentation does not pay attention to the color gradation, so the player will be presented with outstanding and effective colors that hurt the eyes.

The author also wondered, why does the concept of image have to be like this? Why don’t you try to apply a visual model have pixels alike Minecraft? Even “evil” thoughts appear in the mind of the writer: Grand Honkai Sword Impact This is likened to an unfinished final college homework project.

Controlling combat only creates emotions

Gameplay Grand Honkai Sword Impact.

Gameplay Grand Honkai Sword Impact. Through

If the graphical presentation is bad, Grand Honkai Sword Impact should at least have intuitive game controls. Moreover, the game has the genre role-playing action will be able to provide an exciting combat experience in it.

Ironically, the writer’s hopes for this did not come true. game controller Grand Honkai Sword Impact pretty bad. The main problem that becomes a major obstacle in combat control is unresponsive controls.

In RPG games, attack momentum is very important. However, if it is not supported by good game control, the player will definitely lose a lot of important momentum in the game.

The author found the motion controls quite unwieldy. Also, the camera rotation controls are pretty bad. It’s not uncommon for writers to find it difficult to switch angles during a battle. No wonder the game controls just make you emotional.

An RPG game with minimal role-playing elements


Consistency is important. If you really intend to make an RPG game, then at the very least, HAK3 Games can introduce many important RPG game elements. Grand Honkai Sword Impact it can be said that it has exercised this consistency, even in a negative sense.

All the elements in this game look very messy. HAK3 Games looks like an amateur developer making random games. Because they don’t incorporate RPG elements that are quite important in the game. Yep, an RPG game with minimal elements role-playing! Try to imagine for yourself how epic this is!

For example, you won’t find the HP bar when fighting (open: The HP bar actually exists in this game. But find out for yourself where he is!). Yes, a simple and mandatory element does not exist. As a result, you can only dream when the enemy dies.

Besides, Grand Honkai Sword Impact nor does it have features for character development—which is common in RPG games. You can’t change weapons, level up, learn skillor walk freely.

This game carries the system sandbox which restricts players from traveling. Players will only be given one task to complete. When completed, the player will be moved towards folder side to complete another task.

Design folder and somewhat repetitive levels. HAK3 Games does not seem to have a lot of game element content, such as character content, buildings, trees, or rocks that look uniform.

Billboard sense game


HAK3 Games is considered as a profit-only developer. Instead of providing an enjoyable gaming experience, HAK3 Games decided to turn gaming into a digital advertising service field.

Yep, it’s like a TV commercial. Almost in every match you will see digital advertisements (in the form of videos or banners) scattered.

So the ads that appear here are all extreme. Did you play the game? mobile with half the game screen closed banners advertisement? Have you ever been forced to watch an ad (in the form of a video) after completing a mission in the game? mobile? Definitely never, right?

Currently, Grand Honkai Sword Impact ready to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Very impressive and creative. Another time there ads give free gaming experience?

Going back to the laptop (seriously), I see that this game was just made a “milk cow” by HAK3 Games—a developer that seems greedy in these terms.

You see, it’s not half-hearted, they’re not ashamed of the profiteers Honkai impact – hope there is a wrong player setting game (or out of curiosity), then forced to see a series of commercials as a “batman trap”.

Like an unfinished game under development

Genshin Impact fans must be familiar with "Master Kaniya",

Genshin Impact fans must be familiar with “Master Kaniya”, Via

The author said earlier that this game is like project unfinished work. Yeah, it’s natural anyway, if not done. Only need to see final productit’s like that!

Overall, the author feels that Grand Honkai Sword Impact is a half-finished game, aka unfinished development. There are still a lot of flaws to be found in many different aspects, starting from features, plot to combat mechanics.

This series of flaws makes the game truly unfit for release — let alone play. Looks like the game is still in its infancy alpha test.

Unfortunately, HAK3 Games so far doesn’t seem to intend to deliver update to your masterpiece, such as adding an HP bar or simply providing an attack mechanism (heavy And light attack)—is a very-very-simple RPG mechanic.


If you feel your life is too calm and lack of challenges, you can play Grand Honkai Sword Impact. The author guarantees that you will be very upset after playing it.

Please note seriously, the author does not encourage the impatient to play this game. In addition to stress, Grand Honkai Sword Impact can trigger emotions while playing. Instead of playing this game, the author recommends playing the game monster in Google Chrome while it is offline.

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