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Review game Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Who doesn’t know Studio Ghibli? Together with Netmarble, this studio released Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World. Ni no Kuni is a very popular RPG game series owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment, later developed by a studio called Level-5 in Japan.

A few months ago, Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World appeared everywhere because of advertising; starting from advertising in different media to cooperate with many content creator or streamer. This game has received a positive response because of the uniqueness of artistic style-his.

You can download this mobile game for free via the App Store and Google Play Store. If you like playing on PC, you can download this game via website official. Make sure friends who play with PC register first email-you first until you finish creating the character.

love4game tried out this exciting game that is currently busy. Curious about the collaboration games between Netmarble, Level-5 and Studio Ghibli? Now, check out the next post!

game review Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World

Graphics and aartistic style outstanding

Empire forever

Empire forever

The first impression that you will get when you first step into this game is the beauty of the graphics and images that really remind you of the movies of Studio Ghibli.

cutscenes the rewards after downloading the game are also very nice; like you watch a movie. Not only that, when it comes to character creation at the start of the game, there are a ton of styles and colors for you to choose from to create your favorite character.

The overall appearance of the world is so beautiful that it makes us want to keep exploring that world non-stop. With cute, unique and scary monster designs, we’re curious what kind of monsters we might meet.

in section setting, there is an option related to FPS. The minimum FPS given is 15 and the maximum limit is 120 FPS. it’s rare to find an MMORPG that offers a 120 FPS option. With Artistic style This special value is added Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World.

style play like MMORPG in general



Similar to other MMORPG games, this game has a basic and varied attack system skill with great effect. Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World 5 shoulder bow; Mage, Technician, Warrior, Swordsman and Rouge. Each role has advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose a role that suits your playing style.

We tried the Wizard with the ability to control the spear. He has a standard attack with six skill Special will be received when rising to a certain level. Friday skill With that, we can use combos to defeat the enemy. Acquaintance or pet can help you against the enemy.

Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World Use elements on your weapons and enemies. These elements are water, fire, leaves or earth, light and darkness. Each element has its weak point, water is weak to earth, earth is weak to fire, fire is weak to water, light and darkness weaken each other.

armor and weapons are a way to add power to your attacks. Level up andupgrade weapons and armor is the best way to give strength to your character. The more equipment you find or craft, the more bonuses you get from new discoveries.

All content above Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World will be unlocked after the character reaches level 40. Other modes like PVP also exist in this game.

Autorun that’s boring



System Autorun while doing the whole thing mission makes it easy for MMORPG fans to get bored. You just need to press the button mission at the top left, after pressing it Autorun will automatically activate and the character will pass mission that is my wishes. Indeed, the system actually helps you find the location mission very confusing to find on folder.

System Autorun also used in battle. You don’t need to press any attack button or skill to defeat the enemy and complete the mission. This makes fighting too easy as you don’t need to spend a lot of time defeating the enemy. Even if your blood is reduced, Autorun will do soon Heal if item is in inventory Friend.

There are really two sides; system Autorun help players who are confused about the position missionbut very distracting for players fighting and boring.

Not an attractive option for game chasers Free of chargeARRIVEplay

gacha screen

gacha view

System gacha also presented in this game feel less exciting. The only way to get gemstone for gacha is when you level up your character. When the character level is high, you can go to Ancient Ruins and Chaos Battlefield. From level 1 to 29, you will get about 10-30 gemstone of course, then you will get 100 gemstone each new level up.

Get 10 Gacha or familiar people pet at the start of the game and you can repeat up to 10 times until you find your favorite Familiars. Then you have to collect gemstone Because gacha and receive Relatives, vehicles, weapons and skin. Up until level 30, we only got more or less 900 gems to work with gacha.

Trading options for items, overcome the battle, gemstone and many others. At the start of the game, sizable discount offers are given and are only valid for about a week. Itemsitems like guns and armor can also be obtained through this transaction. Therefore, players who choose the shortcut can have more collections and stronger characters.

Another note that makes Ni no Kuni: Cross World fun to play

camera mode

camera mode

camera mode is a unique feature. Doing camera mode, you can set the character you want. posture up express emotions many of which you can combine as you like. Emotes and poses can be obtained from mission And gacha.

Very comfortable and beautiful music accompanies your adventure. No wonder, Studio Ghibli here boss! Evermore’s wonderful music soothes the heart, while the battle music turns the atmosphere tense.

Also, it seems like playing this game will be less if you don’t join a Kingdom or a group. Yes, you can join or join the Kingdom for other prizes with other players. The kingdom also has a system places that determines what award you will receive later.


Overall, Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World is a playable game if you are just looking for a casual adventure. With soothing music, engaging visuals, and a not-so-fast story telling, Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World quite interesting and engaging.

But, if you are a heavyweight MMORPG player, I think you will find saturation point after reaching a certain level. After all, it is worth trying to know the taste.

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