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(REVIEW) Fusion Pokemon

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game based on a great franchise Pokemon. The game developed by TiMi Studio and Pokemon Company was first released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021.

After the release in communication Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Unite re-released again for communication Android and iOS. This game can be downloaded and played for the Indonesia region as of last September 21.

As one of the big brands, Pokemon Unite raised various questions, one of which was “Is the MOBA genre the right choice for a Pokemon game?”

Special, Pokemon often considered a game franchise that actually launched games as a service very priority fan base as their target market. Not surprisingly, the most important question is “Is Pokemon Unite for gamers who love Pokemon or MOBA?”.\

To answer the above series of questions, let’s take a look at this brief review of Pokemon Unite below!

Pokemon Unity Review

Unique MOBA design!

Pokemon Unite's MOBA system is not the same as MOBAs in general.

Pokemon Unite’s MOBA system is not the same as MOBAs in general. Through

The MOBA concept is trying to be implemented by Pokemon Unite quite unique. With the 5v5 concept, two teams will compete to get as many points as possible in the arena.

To get points, both teams need to collect Pokeballs obtained from killing monsters scattered in the arena. You can also collect Pokeballs by killing an enemy Pokemon that has a Pokeball in your pocket.

Once the Pokeballs have been collected, simply place them in the Target Area with a circle—a kind of basketball hoop. Each Pokeball successfully placed in the Goal-Zone will be converted to points. Within 10 minutes, the team with the most points will be the winner.

With this MOBA design, players will feel every minute of the game’s progress. From the very first minutes, players will scramble for each monster scattered in the arena.

At the same time, the two teams must also strategize to dominate the battle and bring the Pokeball into the Goal-Zone. No wonder the MOBA concept is not as generic as MOBA games mobile to make this game have its own appeal.

Pokemon Power Balance

As usual, power balance is a big issue in MOBA games like Pokemon Unite.

As usual, power balance is a big issue in MOBA games like Pokemon Unite. Through

As a new game, Pokemon Unite there is a big problem for a MOBA game, namely electrical balance aka the balance of power in each Pokemon.

At the time this review was released, Pokemon Unite there are already 24 playable Pokemon, from Pikachu to Snorlax. Each Pokemon can be obtained by purchasing it with Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems.

Unfortunately, not all Pokemon are equally powerful. Having a few Pokemon like Venusaur, Lucario or Talonflame is enough overwhelm.

As a game dense with competitive nuances, this makes the battle feel very unfair. Guaranteed you’ll get mad when faced with Pokemon-Pokemon overwhelm can kill your Pokemon in a snap.

When online games are still available walkingparty Developers There is still room to solve the problem. By providing adjustments as Polish or reducing power, the power of each Pokemon can be balanced. Thus, the element of competition is maintained throughout the war.

Build Skill-Tree, attractive feature in Pokemon Unite


In MOBA games, each character or Hero usually has one skill set which cannot be changed. Players will be challenged to find the best combination and best pattern to use skill set every hero.

Like MOBA games in general, each Pokemon in this game has skill first, skill 2 and Unite Move (example: ultimate skill in other MOBA games). Unique, players can choose variations skill 1 and skill 2 for each Pokemon. It means, skill each Pokemon is not fixed and can be picked as needed.

For example, if the player uses Venusaur, the player can choose between skills – Sludge Bomb or Giga Drain for skill 1. Then the player will also be able to choose skill – Solar Beam or Petal Dance for skill 2. However, Unite Moves don’t have multiple types—each Pokemon has only one Unite Move.

Select feature skill 1 and skill 2 same features skill tree in the MMORPG game. This feature allows players to choose skill which is more ideal for use in combat situations at hand. Because, each match in the MOBA game definitely chooses a different situation.

The application of this system certainly makes Pokemon Unite once again appeared different from other MOBAs. The game becomes even more challenging because you can’t guess skill whatever Pokemon your opponent has.

Control still needs to be developed


IN mobile platform, controlling the game becomes very important—especially in a competitive genre like MOBA. Reflecting these reasons, the MOBA game in mobile platform typically use the Reflection Mapping system—this can base you are always at the bottom left position.

With the Double Map system, the Hero’s location direction will always be at the bottom left. So players can steer more skill for space smartphone larger for the top right area.

This system is considered very useful in controlling players. If you don’t believe it, you can compare which one is easier to navigate skill up or down in mobile MOBA games such as Mobile legend or LoL: Wild Rift.

Unfortunately, control Pokemon Unite not perfect for mobile platform. With landscape system folder With two road lane vertically up and down, ensuring that the player will find the controls quite complicated—especially when playing on head isne. Especially if you are used to playing MOBA games in general.


When you play, you are guaranteed to target often skill downward force the player to slide his finger down the screen smartphone where there is very little space—compared to the top area of ​​the button skill.

In addition, Pokemon Unite also has dashboard for unresponsive character movements. So your finger should be right in the middle of the button to be able to move more comfortably.

As a note, dashboard responsive is a control-pad that can automatically move according to the pressure of the finger on the screen. As long as you’re in the right area, dashboard will adjust the pressure point, so the player can press the button more easily and intuitively.

MOBA has no item system


In general, MOBA games use items as an important parameter for measuring strength. The player has end game items with high prices usually have very high character strength so it is difficult to deal with.

As a MOBA game, Pokemon Unite unsystematic items which can be purchased in battle. If you guys play Mobile legendyou have to get used to items Boots, Blade of Despair or Immortality. items that is items can be purchased with Gold in the game.

Interesting, the system items like that you won’t find in the game. As an alternative, Pokemon Unite Held-Item system implementation. This system is similar to the Symbol system in Mobile legend or Runes on Wild Speed.

Each Pokemon played can use three held Items. Each Held-Item can provide different combat effects, from increasing Basic Attack, increasing HP, to increasing critical attacks.

These Holded Items can then also be increased using an Item Booster. The higher the level of the Hold Item, the higher the effect it can give in battle. It’s no surprise that Held-Item is an important variable in supporting Pokemon performance.


As a MOBA game, Pokemon Unite it is still flawed in many aspects, from controllability to the problem of balancing the character’s power.

even so, Pokemon Unite should be appreciated for having the courage to come up with a unique MOBA game design—quite suitable for casual players. It’s no surprise that fan-based Pokémon franchises are guaranteed to enjoy Pokemon Unite enough even though they’re not very familiar with the previous MOBA genre.

What do you think about the Pokemon Unite review above? Do you agree or do you have anything you would like to add? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, stay up to date with mobile game reviews available only at love4game, friends!

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