EOS RED is an MMORPG mobile was released recently, May 31, 2021 to be exact. The game released by BluePotion Games offers a taste of the classic MMORPG.

Of course, because this game is actually an old game that was released before lucky owner Korea in 2019 ago. In 2021 only, the game is released for lucky owner Southeast Asia (SEA).

Quick look back, MMORPG mobile really a lot of popping up. The appearance of the MMORPG mobile bring hope style play the new creation is really interesting, like Ragnarok X: New Generation or Sword Art Online Black Swordman: Ace has been released on the Chinese server.

Therefore, it is not surprising that our expectations as consumers are very high for the development of MMORPGs. mobile Right now. However, how about EOS RED just released in lucky owner SEA? The game will be an MMORPG mobile worth playing?

For the answer, please refer to the typical love4game review for EOS RED hereafter, yes!

Boring auto game

How to play in EOS RED.

How to play in EOS RED.

EOS RED brings a classic game system that reminds you of the game Lineage II: Revolution. The player character will be equipped with goods skill (very hard to find), Poisonand goods buff items this is quite useful to increase the character’s Combat-Power (CP).

In the game, the player is equipped with a lot of automatic features, starting with auto battle, auto search, until automatic path. Rows of auto-make features EOS RED like an MMORPG mobile very monotonous. The player will only press the . button mission And automatic only during the game.

After that, players will watch battles or read less compelling stories. If you are looking for an MMORPG mobile with style play exciting and refreshingly impressive, this game is not the right choice.

Outdated Jadul feature

EOS RED Gaming Features.

EOS RED Gaming Features.

In terms of features, EOS RED Not many interesting features. Pretty standard features—found in dozens of MMORPGs mobile other. Game features offered include dungeon And dungeon boss PvE mode only.

This game also features Territory Battles and PK for PvP mode. These features are pretty minimal for a Mobile MMORPG released this year.

During character development, players will be allocated a simple state divided into STR, VIT, INT, DEX, and WIS. In addition to state allocation, EOS RED also provide features skill each one skillnew ones can be learned by using skill book. Skill Book Section it is very difficult to get.

Players are forced to do grinding days in the Dungeon to get materials for crafting skill book. So from a character development standpoint, EOS RED there is a system that forces the player to spend time doing grinding only.

Grinding, Grinding and Grinding



The only activity usually performed while playing EOS RED To be grinding. The reason is, almost the entire progression of the game involves these activities, starting from finding materialcomplete missionuntil you find skill book. Instead of offering multiple modes of progression, this game just sticks to the old school MMORPG style, namely grinding.

Powered by the game’s automated features, the player is guaranteed very minimal control over the game. You will only place your character in a certain area to grinding, then activate auto battle.

For those of you who like Play style MMORPG mobile As such, this game could be the right title. However, for those of you who don’t like that, this game will be a very boring MMORPG.

Classic graphic presentation with a rigid feel



Released in 2021, EOS RED appear confident enough to carry semi-2D graphics. When compared to MMORPGs mobile Another game released in 2021, the graphical presentation of this game is quite outdated.

However, the graphic style is really a matter of preference. Possibly, there were a few players who liked the graphic style of the PC MMORPG of the 2000s. In fact, the graphics. RF Online it is still much more interesting for the author.

Not only obsoleteanother problem concerns the graphic presentation of EOS RED is a less than perfect animation. Every movement of the character looks very stiff, from walking, hitting enemies, to throwing skill. Although relatively small, these shortcomings can make the game experience less enjoyable.

Very strong Pay-to-Win factor

Microtransactions on EOS RED.  Screenshots

Microtransactions on EOS RED. Screenshots

As mentioned earlier, players will be forced to do so grinding days to power up the character, from leveling up, searching skill book, or search device.

When players find it difficult to develop characters, EOS RED currently offer a range of benefits through their Paid Store. Players seem to be pressured by the difficulty of character upgrades, and then have to make purchases chest in Store contains items high-class.

Status pay to win IN EOS RED combined with PvP and PK systems. Paid players will definitely have much more power than free players. So free players will have a hard time enjoying the PvP feature.

Although the features offered by this game are limited. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before players escape to another much more interesting Mobile MMORPG.


Overall, EOS RED is a MMORPG game mobile not suitable to play. In addition to its various shortcomings, there are now many good games that are much more interesting than this one.

Among the selection of the MMORPG mobile even, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was released a few years ago, it still feels much more playable than EOS RED.

What do you think about the game? EOS RED just released in communication mobile phone? Have you tried playing it yet? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up to date with the latest information about the game mobile only at love4game, yes!

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