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Ragnarok Origin Game Review (2023)

Ragnarok Origins is the latest game from franchises Ragnarok, which has been around since 2002. This time, Gravity Gamelink made it Ragnarok Origins with a different story and gameplay.

Having the MMORPG genre, you can explore all areas and you are free to choose what to work as. Game lovers Ragnarok Online and also other sequels, you will really like this one game.

Love4game has played Ragnarok Origin on the Morroc 8 server. Here is a review of the Ragnarok Origin version of Love4game? Come on, just look at the following article, OK?


Game reviews Ragnarok Origins

Gameplay unique and easy to learn

Nostalgia is a word that definitely comes to mind for old players who have been following Ragnarok for a long time. Many old players are impatient with the arrival of this newest game.

An explanation of basic combat such as wielding a sword, hitting, and playing dead is skills introduced at the start of the game. After successfully passing the initial stage, you will go to the next area to choose a job.

Ragnarok Origins gives six jobs that you can choose according to your playing style. The jobs you can choose are Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thieve. Merchant, and also Archer.

For this review, Love4game chose to take the Mage job. Up to level 46, Mage is very easy to use. You just need to be careful with the amount of blood you have.

Mage is very good to use if you have a pet that can attack up close or friends party. Mage focuses more on performing magic from a distance using fire, water, electricity, earth, and other elements that you can unlock.

The second job that you can do later after touching level 40. After getting it, you will be given new spells and moves that are even stronger than before.

Autoplay makes this game easier

games open world usually it does have features that will really help players to get exp, items, and others. One of them is features autoplay which can be used to make your journey easier.

When doing stories or side quests from one place to another you don’t need to move the analog. You can let go of control and you only need to press the conversations that appear later when talking to the NPC.

There are some quests which will tell you to take quite a lot of material, even up to 40 pieces. Here, features autoplay will really help you without the need to spend your money and energy in vain.

Eye-friendly graphics and colors

Maybe the graphics that are owned by Ragnarok Origin are not as fancy as other RPG games which are very pleasing to the eye. Ragnarok Origins prefer to make the players comfortable with the world that has been made.

Even though you play for more than two hours, you won’t get bored with the colors this game provides. Characters, monsters, pets, NPCs and more will also bring the game to life.

It’s quite unfortunate because actually Ragnarok Origins could make for even nicer graphics if not limiting the players at mobile. Maybe the details of the characters, buildings, lighting can spoil the players more.

The pacing of the game is too fast

No need to worry if you feel damage the one you give to the enemy is not very strong. Exp what you will get from completing the story, side questsAnd commissions there will be a lot.

The story goes very fast and you don’t feel like you will rise briefly, like from level 10 to level 25 in just 30 minutes. This is what makes pace this game is too fast and not easy to watch.

Indeed, the main goal is to make players have a high level and unlock more exciting features than before. At the same time, you also can’t understand the story and the basics of the game.

There are also many UI buttons on the screen that you don’t understand at first because you are too focused on leveling up your character. You will realize later that you need certain features to increase your character’s strength.

The camera is sometimes annoying

When you are walking around or looking for NPCs, visiting a shop, or looking for enemies, sometimes the camera isn’t where it should be. In fact, the camera can be covered[bythebuilding[olehgedung

This makes the character invisible and you have to move it manually even when it’s in the feature autoplay. This makes the players who are relaxing use the feature autoplay distracted and had to move the camera.

The lack of automatic response due to being a weakness of this game, especially when you are fighting in a tight space. You have to manage where the enemy is to get view which is more comfortable to look at.

Limited features with walls top up

Some of the features that will be unlocked after you have successfully leveled up your character to a certain level specification will surely make you curious. But, Ragnarok Origins has features that you can only access by doing top up.

One example is features auction which allows us to obtain very powerful rare items at low prices. You have to fight with other players who bid at the highest price.

Nyan Berry is the currency that you will use in the feature auction This. 40 Nyan Berry has a fairly cheap price. There are packages that offer even more Nyan Berry for about the same price.

Not just to do auctionYou can use Nyan Berry to buy things you need at shop. Apart from that, you can also use Nyan Berry for gacha so that your character wears cute costumes.

The difference between those of you who are free to play and top-ups isn’t too significant, really! At least Ragnarok Origins also appreciate the players who have spent time playing this game.This makes Ragnarok Origins can be enjoyed by all players.***

That’s the game review Ragnarok Origins Love4game version. You can play Ragnarok Origin on all platforms without exception; starting from Android, IOS, and also Windows. Cross platform progress You can also use it when switching from the mobile version to PC or vice versa.

Don’t forget to keep monitoring Love4game so you don’t miss any information about games and more

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