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Premiere Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Shows Off Venom’s Iconic Suit

Telset.id, Jakarta – At the end of the Sony PlayStation Showcase event, Sony gave a little leak gameplay premier of games Spider-Man 2 which shows the character Peter Parker working with Venom.

Another interesting thing that we can get from the leaks revealed by Sony is the appearance of Peter Parker wearing the iconic black Venom suit.

This costume gives Parker extra strength and makes him even more wild, although it is also a bad assessment of Peter in the game’s story.


On the other hand, the trailer doesn’t show how Spider-Man ended up wearing the suit, and it’s a mystery. However, it’s worth believing that the costumes will be a big part of the new game.

Apart from that, the game preview also shows extended action sequences where the gameplay seamlessly and gamers can switch to controlling Parker and Morales.

Lots gameplay that feels the same as before, especially in the hand-to-hand combat area, but the Venom costume offers gamers a lot of new moves.

Meanwhile, the wild chases in Queens leave a good impression of the kind of action one can expect in this game. For example, taking down hordes of bad guys.

We also have to see a new trick from Miles, because now he has a kind of wingsuit to levitate in cities that allows him to fly long distances.

This new trick from Morales is not part of Spider-Man: Miles Morales which was released in 2020 where gamers can control a younger Spider-Man character.

It seems that this game’s map will also be bigger than before, if in the first series it covered most of Manhattan, but now gamers will explore Queen and chase enemies on the water.


Peter Parker’s Spider-Man has put together a convincing and massive version of New York City, and it remains to be seen how this version develops in the second installment.

Gamers will get the chance to try out this game this fall, although there is no official release date yet. Insomniac Game did say it would announce the official release date soon.

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