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PlayStation handheld console introduced! Will it be a Steam Deck competitor?

A number of new games have been announced as part of PlayStation Showcase 2023. But Sony also shared the company’s hardware innovations in addition to exciting games. It has been on the agenda with leaks for a while. Portable PlayStation console Project Q finally announced. However, this device is not as users expect. Steam Deck will not rival.

PlayStation Project Q brings the PS5 console to your pocket

Sony has announced its new console that will make it possible to play PS5 games portablely. Unveiled at PlayStation Showcase 2023, the new Project Q consists of a screen and a DualSense-like controller.


According to the company’s statement, the new device has an 8-inch HD display. It will also have all the buttons and features of the PS5 DualSense wireless controller. But it won’t be a separate console like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5You will be able to mirror your games on this device.

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The release date and trailer for Assassin’s Creed Mirage were shared. What does the new production show at PlayStation Showcase 2023 promise?

In a statement made by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, it was reported that Project Q will work with Remote Play over Wi-Fi. That means you can play any game on PS5 on portable device. The 8-inch HD screen promises a wider experience than standard smartphones.

If you want to play a game in Project Q, you have to install it on PlayStation 5 first. So it won’t have internal storage like the Steam Deck, nor will it allow playing from the cloud like the Logitech G Cloud.

It should be noted that Sony has not made much statement about the console. However, we will see over time whether it will meet the expectations as it requires PlayStation 5 obligation. PlayStation Project Q price is unclear for now.

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