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Overwatch 2 game review

This October 2022, Blizzard Entertainment released precaution 2 it’s a continuation of guard Firstly. Indeed, the game system is not much different from the first part. However, there are some new points that make this First Person Shooter gaming experience more interesting.

We can play five people with the choice of certain roles. There are three important roles in precaution 2 namely Tank, Damage and Support. In these three roles, a team will be split into one Tank, two Damage, and two Support Heroes.

precaution 2 You can download it for free and only in PC and console versions. You can download this game on Battle.net for PC, Playstation Store, Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop.

This time love4game will discuss one of the games that are being loved by FPS lovers. Curious about what the game is like? Now, check out the next post!

game review precaution 2

Blizzard Entertainment decided to create precaution 2 is the game play for free at its announcement last summer. A lot of people haven’t tried it guard and finally can play for free.

Free is something everyone likes. But from this joy there must be positives and negatives. The good thing is that everyone can play Observation 2. Now, the server will be much more lively player that will be active and affordable for anyone.



guard Previously it was a paid game that rarely got such a big discount. Biggest discount guard maybe only about 50%. guard previously also gave free games but only in certain events, not permanently. Listen precaution 2 is free, everyone is hyped and wants to play this game.

Don’t get too excited, yetplay for free it’s fun, but bad things also go with it. A person can have multiple accounts. To reduce the possibility of hackers spreading, precaution 2 requires you to include an active mobile phone number

Lots of new things

Overwatch 2 is unique in its own right; alike story mode, 5v5 system, and other new modes. The number of team members has also changed from 6v6 to 5v5. However, you have to really consider the composition of a good and strong team to fight the enemy team.

Whether it’s a lone tank hero, a lone damage hero, maybe even a solo support hero, it’s all up to your team to decide!

List of Overwatch 2 Heroes

List of Overwatch 2 Heroes

Many new maps added so far for watch 2, if five new maps are presented at the same time as the release precaution 2. This is one of the strengths of Overwatch 2, helping players not get bored when playing the same map over and over again.

Three new heroes Junker Queen, Sojourn and Kiriko were also released with the game Observation 2. Not only heroes, new skins for most heroes are provided here Observation 2. Design that fresh also damage your eyes when logging in. Be easy for those of you who like skin guard before, those skins also went inside Observation 2.

So far, only one new mode has been released precaution 2 ie push mode. One of the fun modes and a different concept from the other game modes. Hope for the future, hope precaution 2 provide other more interesting modes.

loss lootbox

Sad or happy lootbox disappear? Many players say that lootbox is a feature or feature guard that is very interesting. In addition to being purchased, lootbox sometimes you can also get it for free at guard before.

Overcoming Overwatch 2 Battle

Overcoming Overwatch 2 Battle

precaution 2 to move lootbox and replace it with overcome the battle. For previous skins, you can purchase using Overwatch Coins which you can buy with real money through banking or other payments. In other words, there won’t be many free items.

Correct precaution 2 replace lootbox become overcome the battle. This is a move to close the game precaution 2 that’s free. To get cool skins, you have to pay first. Of course, so that the developers can develop this game to make it more interesting.

error minors but still can see

Naturally precaution 2 still have error small dispersion. Starting from the connection problem when entering the game even though I waited 10 hours, until error alike malfunction all enemy and allied characters move forward and back invisible teleport.

can guard 2

can guard 2

Hero bugs are still scattered like May bugs Teleport Back to top wallit even though it appeared before, Bastion was skill endless, skill Torbjorn is twice as long as normal and more error other. guard take the step is locking the heroes error this for a while.

Blizzard itself admits that precaution 2 there’s still a lot error and they say they will fix things soon to make players feel comfortable.

Copy paste from Overwatch?

So the question that many people are still thinking about is whether precaution 2 only one guard just number 2? Some aspects look the same as the previous game and also some other aspects and fresh in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 game end screen

Overwatch 2 game end screen

For new players, precaution 2 tit won’t be like Overwatch because they just started this game. However, the drawback is that they have to open the Champion they like first before they can play.

How about game rating precaution 2 This? Do you like to play it? Write your opinion in the comments column, OK! Don’t forget to keep following love4game for information on games and more.

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