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No need to buy a console: the Nintendo Switch emulator is now official!

No need to buy a console: the Nintendo Switch emulator is now official!
on Android platforms that lets you play Nintendo Switch games Skyline emulatoryou remember. Skyline had a serious popularity around the world. Many users were able to play Nintendo Switch games without paying any fee thanks to Skyline. But don’t be upset. Even though the skyline is gone Android devices picture for One Nintendo Switch emulator came. Here are the details…

Meet Yuzu, the official Nintendo Switch emulator!

Skyline emulator Thanks to this, many users could play the games without having to buy a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo, which was silent on this situation at first, realized the point where the Skyline emulator came in time. Skyline was hugely popular and it wasn’t fair.

Nintendo immediately took action after this rise. They warned Skyline developers by sending them various emails and notices. The Skyline team could not stand these pressures and removed the application from Nintendo Switch. emulator feature they ended.

Mac users will have a headache: a bug in macOS can crash your entire system!

Windows warned! macOS system integrity error can give some users a headache. Here are the details about that error…

But now Face there is. Yuzu developers of Nintendo Switch emulator official aspect Google PlayHe stated that he could be in. In short legal and safe. In this way, you can use your phone or tablet without buying a Nintendo Switch. All console exclusive games you will be able to play.

Face now beta in phase. So it doesn’t work stably on every device. In order to use the application in an optimized way, the developers must have a minimum 8GB RAM with Snapdragon 865 states that you will need a chipset or better. Also, the minimum Android 11 You must have the version.

Yuzu is now early access and full version as on sale. early access version due to participating in beta tests and receiving the first updates Has a $4.99 price tag. The regular version is free. After installing the emulator, you can add the keys of your own games and play from within the emulator. So you don’t have to buy the console, you have to buy the games. Because Yuzu was released as an official emulator.

Looking at the first game tests, the team shared the performance data they obtained by testing their own games. Games like Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers’ Fury On Samsung Galaxy S23 fully playable case. In short, the emulator “on eligible devices” fully working. So what do you think of the new Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments section…

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