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Nier reincarnation game review

In February 2021, Square Enix released an RPG game called Niere’s reincarnation. This Applibot-developed game allows you to play with existing androids from the Nier series, such as Nier Automata, Nier Replicant and games from series Another nier.

This game is a strategy game in which three players fight the enemy. Not only do you have to fight random enemies, you also have to devise a strategy to be able to overcome challenges and continue the story.

Although there have been many games from the previous Nier series, Niere’s reincarnation offers new things never seen before. For example, the story setting is very mysterious, the characters end up having the same goal, and the music is very good.

Niere’s reincarnation is only available in the mobile version and can be downloaded through the App Store and Play Store. This game has just been released on Indonesia’s Play Store in July 2022 and you can play it now. When it happens love4game tried this Nier Reincarnation game firsthand. Curious?

Game rating: Niere’s reincarnation

Unbelievable graphics and music

Nier . reincarnation graphics and songs

Nier . reincarnation graphics and songs

There seems to be no doubt about the songs created by Square Enix; including for the Nier line. In 2017 and 2021, the Nier series won in the . category best song/music on each project. In this game, the position of the music in each scene is very constructive feel what they want to build.

For example when you are going towards the next story. Soothing and mysterious songs will be played, as if bringing a sense of confusion and emptiness to the character you play.

As for the graphics, if you remember at the beginning of the release of Nier Automata, the graphics for the game Niere’s reincarnation is said to be not inferior to console or PC. It can be said that the graphics part, Nier is number one by prioritizing very beautiful details.

The light from above shines down, making the passing roads less harsh. The shadows that exist aren’t bad to look at either. Very smooth character movements for word games mobile platform This. Maybe this is one of those games mobile with graphics and details beyond expectations so far.

Each character has its own unique character

NieR reincarnated character

NieR reincarnated character

Not only copy paste from previous games. Niere’s reincarnation There are lots of new characters from different times and ages.

One of them is Fio, an android who wakes up in Cage with amnesia. He is an innocent robot, so this character is designed to be very cute. Equally interesting is the character Dimos who is an old imprisoned and forgotten android that also has a unique design. He appears as a cowboy with his face, hands and feet covered in bandages.

There are many other unique characters in Niere’s reincarnationsuch as hairless cyborg, witch robot, viking, etc. There may be other collaborations with other Nier series.

F2P friendly

Reincarnation of Gacha Nier

Reincarnation of Gacha Nier

Many people think that the story of Niere’s reincarnation very little to enjoy. Therefore, the gacha feature was born to overcome these shortcomings. So there may be an opportunity for you to collect the characters and weapons you want.

Gacha in Niere’s reincarnation it’s very easy to get. As usual, when you play for the first time, you will immediately receive 6000 gems or 20 times gacha. Then you will get easy quests to get gems back.

Daily quests can also produce gems to increase gacha. Anyway, there are event which you can complete to earn points

mission core or story will also give you gems if you complete it. Event as usual it will give you gems if you complete the story.

From event In addition, you will receive point which you can later change into gems. Or you can collect these points to exchange for characters event which you can use complete with weapons.

Log in every day sometimes it will give you gems and coupons to play gacha for free. If any event at the same time you do log in daily, you will also get bonus for free gacha and weapons. This is why Niere’s reincarnation supposedly player-friendly play for free.

boring story

Nier's reincarnation story

Nier’s reincarnation story

At the start of the game, you will be introduced by Fio, an android that has just woken up from sleep and has amnesia or amnesia in Cage. After that, the character Mama will appear to guide you to restore your lost memories. Fio and Mama will enter the Cage to discover stories from other androids.

You will then be introduced to other characters starting from Rion, Gayle, Dimos, Akeha, Argo and many more.

Each character has their own story. Sometimes the story is also unclear, such as is this a continuation of the previous story or just Flash again. This ambiguity makes the story of Niere’s reincarnation very hard to digest and very boring.

Not only that, but sometimes a character’s story will continue with the previous characters. Unfortunately, the explanation of the time setting is minimal and tends to be confusing.

tempo The rather slow storytelling also reduces the enjoyment of playing this game. Plus graphics at story moments using only 2D. The use of 2D could be to show that this is really just a puppet story controlled by someone and not the real story.

The longer you play, the harder it is to add power

Reincarnation A2 Nier

Reincarnation A2 Nier

Niere’s reincarnation help us comfortably defeat enemies, get gacha, level up characters and weapons. After a week or two, it will be difficult for you to level up weapons and characters

One of the ways to earn materials to level up weapons and characters is in guerrilla missions that you can play at a predetermined time. Yup, that’s right, you’re not allowed to do that grinding too much at once. There is a percentage limit and also stamina that prevents you from doing that grinding.

This will also affect heavy duty grinder so can’t continue mission because your strength is not strong enough.

Skipping the ticket will make it easier for you grinding. At least you can use the pass pass at least 20 times a day as you will get them from daily tasks.

System Autorun also stand out in battle so you don’t get too tired of pressing buttons. But the feature Autorun this can be said to be useless because skill can only work if you press it.


Remember that there is also a system recharge that is quite expensive. So don’t let yourself buy gems you don’t need if you don’t want to get stuck in this game’s gacha system.

How about game rating Niere’s reincarnation This? Do you like to play it? Write your opinion in the comments column, OK! Don’t forget to keep following love4game for information on games and more.

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