Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO for short, was released by Valve in 2012 and has steadily increased its popularity since then, increasing the number of players. This success has been supported by the constant addition of updates and new features to the game. Today, Valve made a change in the case drop system of CS: GO. Here are the details…

In CS:GO, it is no longer possible to drop crates by staying AFK!

Weapon crates that players can obtain by participating in matches in CS:GO are very popular. Because it can be sold on the Steam Market, it can provide a profit to the players. Although this gain is not big enough to sustain life, it can sometimes be enough to buy a AAA quality game.

However, today, some players have found the vulnerability of this system. Because in CS: GO, instead of playing the game, they prefer to be busy with a different job in a different background. So much so that they leave the game running in the background, making it look like it's technically being played, and waiting for the safe to drop during this time. It doesn't fall off most of the time.

Valve detonated the bomb: Weapon return feature is coming to CS:GO!

Valve detonated the bomb: Weapon return feature is coming to CS:GO!

Valve shared the new weapon purchase screen that will be available to CS:GO players with the upcoming Counter-Strike 2.

Finally, the developer of the game, Valve, took action for this vulnerability. A new update has been released for CS:GO recently. With this update, players who remain AFK in the game will no longer be able to drop crates and gain XP.

The safe will now drop every time you level up!

In addition to the measure taken for some people using the system vulnerability, this update also brings an innovation for players who prefer to play games normally. So much so that you can now win a safe every week as a guarantee on your first level up.

CS:GO will now drop crates every time you level up!

However, if you're lucky, you can win both the house and the pattern. However, this probability is very low. After the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, important updates have been released for CS:GO recently. In this direction, we may encounter different innovations in the near future.

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