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NBA 2K22 Game Review

This NBA 2K22 game review was made by playing the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console versions, so it cannot be used as a reference for evaluating the NBA 2K22 version. on Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC.

Starting in early May, basketball game fans can rejoice. Microsoft is finally in the game NBA2K22 to their Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Of course, as a fan of basketball games, I welcome this. Moreover, this is the first experience when playing 2K Sports game on console next generation.

Just like most sports games, 2K Sports only releases the best version of its basketball game every year. All the best features they offer are only available on the dashboard next generation like Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Meanwhile, for previous versions of consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the available features are not as complete as those found on the two latest consoles. The players NBA2K on PC must feel the same, because the features they get are only on par with Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

So can 2K Sports offer a game that can satisfy basketball game fans? Hopefully the following love4game review can answer your curiosity!

No significant gameplay innovation from NBA2K22

NBA 2K22 doesn't have any major new changes.

NBA 2K22 doesn’t have any major new changes. Through


“Why does it taste the same?” That’s the first thing I thought of when I first tried it NBA2K22 at the beginning of May last year. As someone who also plays NBA2K21it’s hard to find a big innovation about style play in this game released on September 9, 2021.

Especially when comparing it to other sports games like fifa 22 or madman 22 both are in the next generation console, both can offer new color in terms of style play than the previous version.

Mechanic style play yes in this game there is still a trend similar to NBA2K21, became the previous version of the game. Starting from the moving image of each player on the field, the gameplay tends to be monotonous, to the movement of the AI ​​that often makes me shake my head in this game.

Dunk Meter is one of the newest gameplay features of NBA 2K22.

Dunk Meter is one of the newest gameplay features of NBA 2K22. Through


But it’s not fair to ignore Visual Concept’s efforts to add some new mechanics to this game. One of the newest mechanics that I think plays an important role in this game is immersion meter.

This mechanic executes the movement bum Bum what used to be easy to do, becomes much more difficult and requires the punctuality of the person behind it remote controll.

To be able to do sexy moves like 360 degrees, dunk in the backor Bounce from the line free throws a la Michael Jordan, now also needs expertise from the back control players remote controll.

If in the previous version these moves could appear automatically, now it takes precise time for these moves to be realized in the field. As shown in the image above, you have to make sure that the stop light is just above the green if you want to make a graceful dunk like Zach Lavine or Michael Jordan.

If the indicator stops outside of green and stops at yellow, then the movement tends to exit Bounce Normal. Even if you don’t stop the indicator on both colors, you will fail bum Bum although your position is free, not protected.

This certainly provides an element risk versus reward from a game mechanics point of view. If you manage to make the pitch, you’ll get a huge boost. Whereas, if you fail, then you only lose two points easily.

Very detailed features can overcome the lack of innovation

If the innovation 2K Sports offers is minimal, what makes this game so fun to play? The obvious answer is the features included in this game.

There are three main features that are the mainstay of 2K Sports in selling their flagship sports game. These three features are my career, MyLeagueAnd My team. Everything love4game will discuss in depth in this article.

My career: A best athlete simulation mode

MyCareer has now switched to a very interesting open world mode.

MyCareer has now switched to a very interesting open world mode. Through

Visual Concept and 2K Sports are still the kings of creating a game that can simulate the life of an athlete. This is evident from the latest version of my career that they bring into this game.

To support these features, they created a city with the concept world expansion, where you can explore every inch of the city contained in this game.

Imagine if you lived in an open world game like Grand Theft Auto, but there is a strong basketball feeling. That’s how I felt when I first tried this feature.

For example, when you want to play, you have to walk to the stadium to be able to play the match. Or when you have to face the coach, you have to go to the team headquarters in the city.

There are many places in this city that you can visit. Starting from the apartment where you live, a variety of stores with famous brands to buy clothes, as well as different basketball courts across the street.

You start your career as a street basketball player who must decide whether to play basketball while in college or go straight to the pro game by joining the NBA G Leau. The choice to become a professional player in itself is the first NBA G League, that is development league from the NBA to the video game screen.

As the story progresses, you will be faced with various situations that must be overcome just like athletes in the real world. For example, dispute with the coach, vote confirm from famous brands, to define your career path in the future by switching teams.

My Tournament: Experience more than just a coach

MyLeague offers a much deeper gameplay experience than its predecessor.

MyLeague offers a much deeper gameplay experience than its predecessor. Through

Managing an NBA team is definitely one of those things that every NBA fan definitely wants to do. 2K Sports seems to really understand what fans want and is bringing this to NBA 2K22.

In the previous issue MyLeague is often considered a feature that 2K Sports overlooks. But for this version, 2K brings many changes to this feature.

One of them is to provide the experience of playing as one general managerand manage everything from player migration to annual budgeting.

Of course, this is a breath of fresh air that 2K Sports offers, considering the simulation features general manager In the previous version, it was limited to matters related to basketball activities, such as renewing contracts with players or bringing in desired players.

Your job is not only to lead a team to success in the field, but you must also bring your team to success beyond that field by making the most profit. You can do this by allocating money for advertising purposes or increasing ticket prices.

In addition, for the first time, 2K Sports also offers modes MyLeague by online. You can play with up to 30 people at the same time rescueThe same place where each person takes care of his own team.

These features are definitely extraordinary and can bring community to life MyLeague has been in decline for a long time due to loss of popularity from MyCareer or My team which is basically online.

My team: return problem pay to win.

Just like other sports games, MyTeam is filled with pay-to-win elements through the gacha system.

Just like other sports games, MyTeam is filled with pay-to-win elements through the gacha system. Through

2K sports and microtransactions, the two lovers never seem to leave each other until the end of the day. Since the appearance of titled mode The last group initiated by EA Sports, now features collect cards with elements gacha very mushrooming in sports games.

2K Sports certainly doesn’t want to be left behind in making profits from wetlands. My team is the second feature besides MyCareer, which contains elements of microtransactions.

But the difference in this feature, there are factors gacha very thick. To be able to get the best basketball players, you have to buy packages offered by 2K Sports.

Yes you can grinding by completing the types of challenges available here. But the player you get for free from grinding that, not as good as the exclusive players can only get from gacha.

There are two different currencies contained in My team. First is My Score, which you can only get by playing matches and completing various challenges. By collecting My Scoreyou can buy basketball players directly through auction house sold by player other.

The second coin is Virtual money (VC), used for gacha as well as the overall improvement in the MyCareer feature discussed earlier. The difference is that you can buy this with real money via a credit card.

That of course makes the best basketball players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James often get in the way of the system. fee wall. Another alternative next to gacha is to buy directly through auction housebut of course the price of these players is very expensive and it takes a lot of time to collect MyTeam Points to buy these players.


Overall, NBA 2K22 has some positives as well as negatives. The lack of innovation that 2K Sports offers seems to be the result of a sports game having to release a new version every year.

However, 2K Sports seems to really focus on providing the best features, in order to overcome the lack of innovation in the problem. style play the. This is evident in features like MyCareer and MyLeague which are much better than the previous version.

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