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Minecraft cheats: Minecraft codes 2023 [Güncel]

Minecraft cheats: Minecraft codes 2023 [Güncel]
Minecraft is a unique sandbox game where you can push the limits of creativity and adventure in an endless digital world. You can struggle to survive by exploring this world alone or with your friends. Of course, this can be difficult sometimes due to the creatures. This is where cheats come into play. In this content, we have brought together Minecraft cheats and codes for you.

Minecraft cheats / codes!

Although cheats are generally not well received by players, this does not work the same in Minecraft. Because the game is open world and brings a difference to this world, players can choose to use cheats in creative mode or single player worlds. So let’s move on to Minecraft cheats…

You can find Minecraft cheats / codes below.


The bug in Minecraft is resolved after 11 years!

The bug in Minecraft is resolved after 11 years!

A new update for Minecraft fixes the 11-year-old bug. The iconic problem in the game will finally be resolved.

Difficulty setting

Cheat Explanation
/difficulty easy Makes the difficulty level easy.
/difficulty normal Sets the difficulty level to normal.
/difficulty hard Makes the difficulty level difficult.
/difficulty Makes the difficulty level peaceful. No creature will attack you.

Changing game mode

Cheat Explanation
/gamemode Adventure mode is active.
/gamemode creative Creativity mode is activated. You can easily access all items.
/gamemode spectator Spectator mode is active.
/gamemode Survival mode is activated.
Minecraft cheats / codes!

Set weather and time

Cheat Explanation
/weather clear Makes the weather clear.
/weather rain It makes the weather rainy.
/weather thunder It makes the weather rainy and lightning.
/time set day It takes the time to the early hours of the morning.
/time set midnight It takes the time to midnight.
/time set night It takes the time to night.
/time set noon It takes the time to day.

Minecraft Weapons cheats

Cheat Explanation
/give playername diamond_sword Gives the player a diamond sword.
/give playername golden_sword Gives the player a golden sword.
/give playername iron_sword Gives the player an iron sword.
/give playername netherite_sword Gives the player a netherite sword.
/give playername stone_sword Gives the player a stone sword.
/give playername wooden_sword Gives a wooden sword to the player.
/give playername diamond_axe Gives the player a diamond axe.
/give playername golden_axe Gives the player a golden axe.
/give playername iron_axe Gives the player an iron axe.
/give playername netherite_axe Gives the player a netherite axe.
/give playername stone_axe Gives a stone Ax to the player.
/give playername wooden_axe Gives a wooden ax to the player.
/give playername bow Gives the bow to the player.
/give playername crossbow Gives the player a crossbow.
/give playername arrow Gives the bow to the player.
/give playername trident Gives the player a trident.
Minecraft cheats / codes!

Item cheats

Cheat Explanation
/give playername itemname The desired item is given to the player.
/clear playername itemname Deletes the requested item from the player’s inventory
/gamerule keepInventory true Items in the inventory are not lost and protected upon death.
/gamerule keepInventory false Items in the inventory disappear upon death. Not protected.
/experience playername number Gives the player the desired amount of experience points.

Effect cheats

Cheat Explanation
/effect give playername absorption It exerts a suction effect.
/effect give playername bad_omen Applies evil divination effect.
/effect give playername blindness Applies a blinding effect.
/effect give playername conduit_power The power of the Groove applies the effect.
/effect give playername darkness Applies the dark effect.
/effect give playername dolphins_grace Dolphin’s grace applies the effect.
/effect give playername fire_resistance Applies fire resistance effect.
/effect give playername glowing Applies a glow effect.
/effect give playername haste Applies a rush effect.
/effect give playername health_boost Applies a health boosting effect.
/effect give playername hero_of_the_village The hero of the village applies the effect.
/effect give playername hunger Applies hunger effect.
/effect give playername instant_damage Applies instant damage effect.
/effect give playername instant_health Applies instant health effect.
/effect give playername invisibility Applies invisibility effect.
/effect give playername jump_boost Applies a jump assist effect.
/effect give playername levitation Applies a heightening effect.
/effect give playername luck Applies luck effect.
/effect give playername mining_fatigue Applies miner fatigue effect.
/effect give playername nausea Applies a nausea effect.
/effect give playername night_vision Applies night vision effect.
/effect give playername poison The poison effect is applied.
/effect give playername regeneration Applies regeneration effect.
/effect give playername resistance Applies resistance effect.
/effect give playername saturation Applies a saturation effect.
/effect give playername slow_falling Applies a slow fall effect.
/effect give playername slowness Applies a slowness effect.
/effect give playername speed Applies speed effect.
/effect give playername strength Applies a force effect.
/effect give playername unluck Applies bad luck effect.
/effect give playername water_breathing It exerts a breathing effect in water.
/effect give playername weakness Applies weakness effect.
/effect give playername wither Applies decay effect.

So what do you guys think about this issue? Which of the Minecraft cheats do you use most often? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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