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Marvel Snap mobile game review

This week Marvel launched one of their newest games, titled MarvelSnap. This game is officially released on October 18, 2022 that surely Marvel fans can’t miss. That’s why love4game will directly supply game review This.

Second Dinner Studios is the studio that developed this game. They include the people behind the games heart, one of the best selling card games in the world. They have now set up their own studio and are working with Marvel to make a themed card game Super hero owned by Marvel.

After successfully spawning heartTo be MarvelSnap Can a card game be as successful as its “big brother”? Now, check out the following love4game review.

Game Reviews MarvelSnap

style play Addictive simple

GameplayMarvel Snap

Gameplay Marvel SnapVia

In the middle of the game mobile with complex mechanisms and requiring a high level of skill, MarvelSnap comes with a simple nuance that can be addictive. In fact, this game can also be said to be playable by anyone, even those who are not used to playing the game.

You won’t find any quick reflexes or finger handling skills in this game. you just drag and dropto transfer cards from the hand into the arena.

In addition, matches take place in MarvelSnap pretty fast too. A match lasts only two to three minutes, which makes this game perfect to fill in your spare time when you’re off work or on public transport.

The short amount of time it takes to complete a game makes me want to keep playing it without stopping. This then kept repeating that I didn’t realize I had spent several hours playing this game.

Even though it’s simple, you still have to think about it!

Marvel Snap game review

Marvel Snap game review via

Because it requires absolutely no motor system to play, the ability to think will play an important role in this game. You must strategize correctly, in order to win the game. In short, this game can be similar to a chess game that requires strategy and analysis of the opponent’s movements.

When you start the match, there are three locations that will become the battlefield. You must be able to outrun your opponent in two of the three battle locations to win.

Each position has its own effect, which of course can affect the course of the game. For example, Nidavellir can provide +5 power or the Taj Room can double the effect of each card.

Marvel Snap game review

Marvel Snap game review via

Each card has a power And energy distinctive. Strength is a stat that plays a role in battle, whereas energy is the price you have to pay to be able to issue a card to the field.

The energy you receive also matches the turn in progress. For example, you will get 1 energy ABOVE turn twelfth energy ABOVE turn 2, etc until turn 6 that’s turn Final.

Some cards also have their own effects. For example: Ironman can double your power in one location or Punisher can increase powerit corresponds to the number of cards your opponent drops.

This game has 100 levels that you can complete.

This game has 100 levels that you can complete. Through

If you are sure you can win the match, you can press the . button Snapshot to increase the ELO value (block) is threatened in every war. If you can win, then your ELO value will increase many times, but if you lose, your ELO will also decrease many times.

ELO value will be useful to increase places included in the game. there are 100 places that you can take, that each placesit will give you reward each. This means that the more often you win, the better. places-you will be taller, and more and more reward what you got.

Beautiful pictures

The jet effect in the Iron Man card.

The jet effect in the Iron Man card. Through

Even though it’s just a card game, you can still make a classy impression in this game. This game has really eye-catching VFX, so you won’t get bored even if you just stare at the screen full of cards while playing.

One of the things that makes this game eye-catching is the really nice card design. Each card also has its own unique visual effect and is identical to each character. For example, Hulk will emit radiation gamma or Iron Man, who has a jet at the end of the card when you drag and drop to the field.

The cosmetic system in Marvel Snap.

The cosmetic system in Marvel Snap. Through

All cards also have different rarity levels. For example, on the level base card, the cards have a normal shape. Then if youupgrade card to level unpopularthen the image of Super hero will come out of the card.

If you come back upgrade the card to level rare, the card will be in 3D. And so on, the higher the level, the better the shape of the card will be.

Nothing gacha And pay to win

The microtransactions in this game are not gacha and pay-to-win.

The microtransactions in this game are not gacha and pay-to-win. Through

Card games like this are a popular type gacha And pay to win. Moreover, this game is a game play for free which you can play for free, making both elements synonymous with gaming play for free that you will find in the market.

But you won’t find these two inside MarvelSnap. Surprisingly, the game lacks elements gacha And pay to win. As far as I can see, there are no cards blocked by fee wall. Most of the cards you can get, the more often you play.

Indeed, this game offers microtransactions that you can buy by spending money. But from my point of view, all the microtransactions included in this game are purely cosmetic.

You can buy in-game currency ARRIVE-upgrade card level you have. As love4game mentioned earlier, the higher the card level you have, the better the card looks. This has absolutely no effect on gameplay and is limited to card generation from the lord Super hero more beautiful.

Overall, MarvelSnap really broke the stigma of gaming mobile it’s busy in the market. As more developers are now actively developing the game mobile who can be esports, MarvelSnap here to restore the game mobile return command. It’s a light, uncomplicated game, and it’s here to fill your free time amidst the hustle and bustle of work.

Beyond that game mobile which is generally considered to be of the nature hunt as if gacha and systems pay to win, you also don’t find it in this game at all. You can still play this game comfortably, even if you don’t spend any money.

MarvelSnap You can try to play by downloading via App Store or Google Play Store if you play with smartphone. If you want to play MarvelSnap via PC, you can also download it via Steam.

How, interested to play MarvelSnap? Don’t forget to keep visiting love4game to get more game review other recently!

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