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Madden NFL 23 Game Review

game review NFL Frenzy 23 This game was created by playing the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, so it cannot be relied upon for the Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC versions of this game. There are a number of features that love4game reviews in this article, which are only available in the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.

On August 19, 2022, EA Sports launched their American style soccer game called NFL Frenzy 23. This sports game is always the talk of the town every year.

Sports games often receive negative stigma from many game fans. Many people feel that sports matches every year tend to be the same and have not changed significantly. Not half-heartedly, many people think that sports game developers are just copy paste from previous edition.

To be NFL Frenzy 23 Is it possible to fight the negative stigma often associated with sports games? Check out love4game’s full review of this American-style soccer game by EA Sports!

Madden NFL 23 Game Review

Sweet tribute to John Madden

Madden NFL 23 Game Review

Madden NFL game review 23 past

Intrigued by the origin of the name Madden in this game? The name Madden is taken from one of the legendary NFL coaches from the United States, named John Madden. He’s one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and has won multiple championship titles.

John Madden was very active in the development of the first Madden NFL game. For example, he was determined to create an American football game with 11 players against 11 players, in order to recreate the real world. In addition, he also acted as a commentator for this game, up to the NFL Madness 2009.

At the end of 2021, John Madden passed away. That’s why EA Sports dedicated this year’s edition to the great late coach. One of the most obvious is the iconic saying “EA Sports, it’s in the gameat the start of the game, using the original voice of John Madden.

John Madden Legacy Game scene match.

John Madden Legacy Game scene match. Through


The first time you play this game, you will be immediately transported into a match of the John Madden Legacy Game. This match was organized by EA Sports for John Madden, who brought together two teams of the coach’s favorite players.

Then the figure of John Madden also appeared, as the coach of the two teams. The match commentators also covered John Madden’s career very well during the match.

EA Sports has managed to present the match beautifully. Even during halftime, EA Sports made a special video tribute very touched, to the late coach.

Big overhaul when pitching

Madden NFL 23 features a brand new pitching system.

Madden NFL 23 features a brand new pitching system. Through


Throwing the ball is one of the most important elements in the sport of American football. For this release, EA Sports completely overhauled the most important elements in this game.

When you first enter this game, EA Sports immediately gives you three pitching options that you can use while playing this game. They introduced two new throwing systems, which put more emphasis on skill players rather than RNG elements. Meanwhile, a final ball throwing system, identical to the previous version.

Skill-based Passing: Position + Accuracy requires the player’s ability to place the ball properly, so that the ball can reach Recorder. While skill-based pass: position + power allows you to manage power when singing midfielder throw the ball.

Three new passing options in Madden NFL 23.

Three new pass options in Madden NFL 23. Via

Luckily EA Sports forces you to live it instruct, to try two kinds of methods of throwing the ball so you don’t get confused. The problem is that the way to throw the ball in this game is completely different from the previous version so it takes time to get used to.

Even for someone like me who spends dozens of hours playing Frenzy NFL 22, I struggled to adapt to this new method. It took me two to three hours before I could adapt to the new way of throwing the ball in this game.

It is definitely very nice to upgrade skill gap between players, especially for the competitive mode in this game. You have more control in pitching than in the previous version. Furthermore, the pitching method in the old Madden version was heavily based on RNG, which is certainly not ideal for highly competitive games like Madden.

Feature fieldSENSE presents a variety of new animations

New ball handling animations thanks to the FieldSENSE feature.

New ball handling animations thanks to the FieldSENSE feature. Through

Not only is there a new way of throwing the ball, but EA Sports also introduces a lot of new animations in this game. The presence of this new animation certainly succeeds in presenting a new nuance and atmosphere in this game that you have never seen before.

It didn’t take me long to realize the new animations that EA Sports presented. The difference between new and old animation is the same as day and night. The animation they just added in this game looks a lot smoother and smoother which is definitely eye catching.

One of the polishes where you can really feel the difference from the previous version is the animation when handle or there is a collision between players. The player’s movement upon collision becomes much smoother, more flexible and neater, so it looks very realistic. That of course brings its own satisfaction, when you can drop it. midfielder enemy team.

Madden NFL 23 Game Review

Madden NFL game review 23 past

In addition to the clashes between players, the aerial duels that take place in this game are very eye-catching. In previous versions of Madden, it was common for players to “teleport” when jumping to catch the ball.

This has been reduced in this year’s version. The FieldSENSE feature has also been revamped physics in an aerial duel, so it looks smoother. The animation of the players when performing an aerial challenge to catch the ball also looks a lot “cooler” than the previous version.

style play It has changed, but the game mode tends to be the same

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but until now, no game has been able to do it improve good in terms of style play and game mode at the same time.

If there is a major change in terms style play, the development of the game mode tends to be left behind. Conversely, if there is a change in the game mode style play will tend to be the same.

This is what I feel inside NFL Frenzy 23 This. Quite drastic change in style play, causing the game mode to tend to lack new lives. The different game modes in this game still can’t give me a reason to keep playing this game until the next Madden NFL is released.

For example, from the Madden Ultimate Team mode, which tends to be the same as the previous version. there is indeed an additionpass the season” in that mode, but this feature has appeared in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode in the game FIFA which EA Sports also publishes. This is what makes this mode tend to have no significant changes. Even if there is a change, it is only an adjustment of the existing features.

Then for the Face of the Franchise feature even more linear than the previous version. This characteristic, means that the career path of an NFL player has a gap that I consider quite large. The reason is that you are required to start this mode as an experienced NFL player establish.

This certainly reduces the “bottom-up” nature of the previous version of this game. You will plunge straight into the hustle and bustle of life as an NFL athlete. That, of course, keeps you from getting a feel for how moments playing for a college team or feeling stressed out during the NFL Draft.

Madden NFL 23 game review.

Madden NFL 23 game review. Qua

Finally the Franchise Mode, it also looks exactly like the previous version. Starting from the main menu options to different aspects of the game, not much has changed from the previous version.

The significant change in this feature is only found in the addition of a motivational section for each player. This only adds to the conditions that you must meet before recruiting a player.


Overall, you will find a different feeling when playing NFL Frenzy 23. Even if you’ve played previous versions of this NFL game franchise. Big change from some basics in this game, make style play so it feels very different.

But on the other hand, EA Sports failed to make any significant changes to the off-field aspects. The game modes that are the “soul” of sports games tend to be neglected. This is what makes Madden NFL 23 like a multi-part game Riddle missing.

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