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Immortal Diablo game review

Before reading Diablo Immortal game review, love4game editor on Ghrin server! Say hello to us when we meet in Wortham!

For fans Action RPGI guess the name Diablo too familiar with the ear. First released in January 1997, this game released by Blizzard Entertainment appears to be one of the ‘old’ games. During development, they released monster, Diablo II, And Diablo III. As if to reap the part of the game mobile, This early June 2022, Blizzard released Diablo Immortal which allows us crossplay on the computer and mobile.

Especially, at the time of beta release Diablo Immortal, many people have tasted this game pay to win. Diablo Immortal it feels easier than its predecessors. Unfortunately, this game has a level limit dungeonit let players ask to buy In-game upgrade to continue the plot.

page bell news detailing what it takes to make an OP character in Diablo is immortal. upgrade full will cost the player 110 thousand USD or about 1.5 billion IDR; This fee does not include cosmetics. You also need ground filling, but the process is sped up if you pay for it.

Is it right? To prove it, this time love4game tries to explore the world Diablo is immortal. Is this a game? worth playing? Check out the game reviews first Diablo Immortal by the following love4game

game review Diablo Immortal

Before diving into microtransactions Game, I don’t think it’s legal if we don’t discuss the story and style play-his.

Diablo Immortal get the timeline in the middle Diablo II And Diablo III. The story revolves around two decades between the two games, Diablo Immortal taking place approximately 5 years after Diablo II and 15 years before that. Diablo III.

There are six class from which you can choose: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Sorcerer, and Mage. I chose Demon Hunter, ranged DPS with arrows as my main weapon.

Just like the action RPG in mobile, you will be given 3 buttons for skills that allow combinations. When you have enough energy, you also have an Ultimate that you can use at key moments. In addition, there is also a potion button for is healing.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with this game. Unique graphics Diablo with that movement smooth made us feel at home. For fans of the atmosphere Dark DiabloThis game fulfills all your visual needs. Good, you need about 11 gigabytes of storage on your phone.

Demon Hunter skill in Diablo Immortal

Demon Hunter skill in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal It also has the characteristics of MMO-style cooperation. When you arrive in the city, you can also say hello to player past chat together. Asking them to help with the task is also possible; acquaintances!

After reaching level 20, you can also play Elder Rift with friends or line up to get party. All boss has a unique mechanism, which helps us to move, dodge and attack. Of course, this makes us curious, what will the mechanic boss look like at a high level? Of course, cooperation with the members is required party.

Is it necessary to spend a lot of money to become the strongest?

When I heard about the release Diablo Immortal, some players work and MMORPGs are starting to get crowded. “Pay to win! This is just an amount for Blizzard to raise funds World of Warcraft: Dragonflight,they said.

Indeed, the concept of micro-shopping in the game in Diablo Immortal be in the spotlight. Imagine, on Metacritic, Diablo Immortal gets a value of 0.5 from players who have tried playing it. With such a low score, Diablo Immortal is the game from Blizzard Entertainment with the worst rating on this site. However, this is inversely proportional to the game’s critic score of 75 .

Indeed, from the very first time you play, you are offered The Empowered Battlepass. For the price of 249k IDR, the character will immediately level 14 and you can also get some items. On the other hand, you only need to play less than 3 hours to reach level 15.

Coincidentally, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft, an MMORPG also produced by Blizzard, for three years. Gold from farming in WoW can be converted into a Blizzard Balance. After checking the Battle.net page, there seems to be only one option to purchase the Eternal Orb which is mainly used for cosmetics.

The biggest problem is with Legendary Symbols and Legendary Gems. The power of Legendary Gems varies widely between the 1st, 2nd and highest stars; 5. Unfortunately, Level 5 Legendary Gems can only be obtained through Legendary Symbols. This badge is a premium item that can be purchased for real money with a guarantee that the Legendary Gem will drop along with the Elder Rift (dungeon). Unfortunately, the Legendary Symbol only has a 5% chance of dropping a 5 Star Legendary Gem.

If you only rely on battlefield And bunch of, you can only get a few Legendary Badges. want more, recharge First, buddy!

Meanwhile, for those looking to play at random, you can really count on Rare Badges that don’t have any 5 Star Legendary Gems at all. It’s possible that when you complete the Elder Rift, you won’t get any legendary gems.

I can also play for free IN Diablo Immortal?

You can, but not the strongest. For those of you who like Player vs Enemy (PvE) mode, Diablo Immortal might be the best choice. You can enjoy an interesting plot and a long journey of the characters. Moreover, complete the dungeon with friends, it’s really fun!

Blizzard is really experienced in making games that keep free players thinking. For hobbyists, this challenge, although frustrating, is still very enjoyable.

However, for those of you who like fashion Player vs Player (PvP), ready to withdraw your wallet! Being the strongest is sometimes not only a matter of time investment but also cost. You won’t be able to fight people who pay to get Legendary Gem 5. It’s possible that the people who complain about the wastefulness of this game are PvP enthusiasts.


That’s the Diablo Immortal game review from love4game. For the record, I’m a player play for free and quite addicted to this game. Feature cross save lets you continue your adventure from PC to device mobile is also an interesting entertainment. Can’t, bring your PC to work or family events?

The next note is a question error! Like at first World of Warcraft: Land of Shadows appear, we can suddenly pass through the wall and not be able to move. Many times I also get stuck while playing and have to relog.

Interested in playing Diablo Immortal? The love4game editor is on the Ghrin server. Say hello to us when we meet in the game!

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