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Good news for Formula 1 lovers: The new game is coming soon!

Formula 1, the world’s largest motorsports organization, has a player base as well as an audience. While EA Sports’ F1 series game reaches a large audience, some players prefer to manage the team instead of competing. For these gamers, Formula 1 Manager came to the rescue.

F1 Manager to be introduced in summer 2023

Formula 1 Manager game, produced by Frontier, puts gamers in charge of the racing team. This game, which allows you to manage F1 teams from finance to vehicle technology and pitstops, is getting ready to appear in the summer with its new generation. GameThe first promotional video was also released.

Frontier ended support for F1 Manager 2022 shortly after the game was released. Formula 1 Manager 2022 disappointed many fans with some simple features and bugs. The game company left this game early and accelerated the work of the new game.

The game’s new system promises deeper tweaks, more detail and more realism. In F1 Manager 2023, players will be able to manage every detail from the pit crew, training and pitstops, while also trying to live the fine line between the car’s performance and durability.

F2 and F3 Championships will also be simulated in-game to discover new abilities. Thus, the players watching the new young people coming out of here will be able to sit these pilots behind the wheel. Frontier, which seems to have studied its lesson much better this time, comes with F1 Manager 2023 in a much more ambitious way.

As in F1 Manager 2022, Sky Sports duo David Croft and Karun Chandhok undertake the racing narratives in the new game. On the other hand, if you focus on racing rather than managing, let us remind you that F1 2023 will be released on 15 June.

F1 Manager 2023 game has excited many racing fans. So what do you think about the Formula 1 organization and its games? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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