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Game Spider-Man 2 Has a Feature to Change Characters

Telset.id, Jakarta – The newest game that will soon be released on PS5, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have a new feature that allows players to change characters easily.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has just been shown gameplayby Sony during the PlayStation Showcase event and explained what it was like to play Spider-Man in the characters Peter Parquet and Miles Morales in the same game.

During the Spider-Man 2 trailer that showed the action, it was seen that players can switch between two characters, which is a new feature and fans have been asking how the character swap is in the game, and now developer Insomniac has explained the mechanics of this feature.


Spider-Man 2 Creative Director, Bryan Intihar explained to Eurogamer that when gamers play the main story, gamers can switch between Peter and Miles to carry out the game’s storyline.

“We have content designed for Peter, we also have content designed around miles, and then we have content that you can play with the character of your choice. In the open world, you can freely switch between the two characters with just a simple button press,” emphasized Bryan.

It seems that this character change is similar to the character change in the game Grand Theft Auto V which happens quickly, thanks to the capabilities of the PS5 console.

One of the earliest examples of fast loading times on the console was seen in the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, where players can use a fast teleportation system to move from one location to another in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, Miles and Peter will each have their own skill tree, and there will be a third that they share so players can use some of the same abilities within a single character.

“We saw in the gameplay reveal where Miles has Venom powers, while Peter also has Symbiote abilities. So, this changes the way of playing and players can improve in their respective ability trees,” said Ryan Smith, Game Director of Spider-Man 2.

Meanwhile, by expanding the map to Queens and Brooklyn in the sequel, and Insomniac claims the sequel game’s map will be twice as big as the previous series.


“We have prepared several unexpected situations that we have never done, such as the battle of the superhero on the river between two cities, so I hope gamers can enjoy it,” said Bryan.

Until now, game developer Insomniac still hasn’t revealed a release date for Spider-Man 2. However, clear information is that the game will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and is still on track for release this fall. [FY/HBS]

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