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F1 23 . Game Review

This game review uses the F1 23 game for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, so it cannot be used as a reference for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

EA Sports just released F1 23 Last week, it was also the latest version of the Formula 1 racing game. Unlike the previous version rife with criticism, this game received a pretty good response.

Codemasters as the game development studio has prepared a number of new features to spoil Formula 1 racing fans. Such as the return of Braking Point 2 or the F1 World mode they just recently received. Introduction to this game.

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game review F1 23

F1 World, EA Sports’ new golden boy contender in Formula 1 game

F1 23 . Game Review

F1 Game Review 23 Qua

Sports games are one of the most likely game genres to become sports games games as a service (GaaS). This was evident in the game of football or basketball. Because modes like Ultimate Team or MyTeam are the main game every year.

Licensed to be a popular Formula 1 racing game, of course EA Sports does not want to pass up this opportunity. They launched the F1 World feature, to be a feature direct service them in the Formula 1 game.

You can tell they reallyshove and advertise this feature like crazy. Some essential features like fast race or Time trialsinaccessible before you complete the quest “Welcome to the World of F1”.

This means you can race against real drivers or practice driving in real F1 cars on Time trials, you must first complete three F1 World races. It’s as if this feature has been designed by EA Sports so that first-timers of the game will immediately feel familiar and interested.hook with features direct service this.

connect grinding? Definitely love the F1 World feature!

Like grinding?  Definitely love the F1 World feature!

Like grinding? Definitely love the F1 World feature! Through

If you are included as a like grinding, then F1 World will probably be a feature that you will play often. This feature really revolves around the Formula 1 car you have to make it OP.

The more often you finish the race or target weekly, then you will receive part a new car that you can install into your own car. besides having power Who will contribute? technology point overall, some part also has its own effect.

For example, having a rear wing can give +5 for DRS efficiency, or having an R&D head can give +20 engine power when leaving the hole. This makes you think about which part can give you an advantage in the race, especially in the race. online.

Like grinding?  Definitely love the F1 World feature!

Like grinding? Definitely love the F1 World feature! Through


Part Vehicles not used later candismantlingand then you can use it toupgrade part the vehicle you are using. This is what makes F1 World so exciting, for those who like it grinding.

Especially starting this year’s game, racing ranked Multiplayer I won’t use cars of equal speed between players anymore. Now you have to use the car that you already have and you already have build before.

improve which is very deep style play

F1 23 . Game Review

F1 game review 23 past


In addition to adding new features outside of the circuit, EA Sports has also improved a few things related to the action on the track. When playing this game for the first time, you will feel the car is much more responsive than the previous version.

When playing with the steering wheel, you can feel whether you have full control of the car or not. Sometimes even your car can turnif you step on the accelerator too hard when exiting a corner.

That’s why the cars in this game tend to generate more exceed. This reminds us of the nature of the cars in the game F1 2021 before, where the car was also easier to build exceed.

Brake point 2 is back and so much better

Brake point 2 is back and so much better

Brake point 2 is back and much better Via

After being absent from the previous version, Braking Point 2 is finally back in this game. Overall, this feature looks cleaner than in F1 2021 formerly.

The main characters from previous versions such as Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler will reappear. The story in this game is also a continuation of the previous version, so this time the two of them became teammates under the banner of the Konnersport Butler Racing Team.

Using a fictitious grouping makes the story in this regard much neater. Codemasters can explore more nuances in paddle Formula 1 has no presentation element unrealistic when Formula 1 teams actually use fictional drivers.

Brake point 2 is back and so much better

Brake point 2 is back and much better Via

Their story this year also seems much more realistic. Devon Butler as a villain seems more reliableand not so bad as in F1 2021. background conflicts between Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler as teammate also means more than the conflict that occurred between Aiden Jackson and Cam Akkerman at the first Braking Point.

transition between cut scenes And style play Also back in this year’s issue. You will then play a scenario that you must complete in order to appear cut scenesor even become the cover of a cut scenes.

My Groups feature is ignored and only copy paste from last year

The My Groups feature is neglected and is just a copy paste from last year

My Groups feature is ignored and just copy and paste from Via last year


My team, the feature I play most often in Formula 1 games, has not received any changes at all. In fact, it’s very obvious if this feature only copy paste from previous edition.

Nothing new, My Groups is a seemingly neglected feature. Everything in this feature is really the same, even the menu in this feature still uses the same design since it was first announced in F1 2020. The only thing that has changed is ton color only, currently dominated with yellow and black.

have some error and nasty flaws

There are some annoying bugs and errors

There are some errors and omissions that occur with Via


The presence of Red Flag in this game is one of the features used as promotional material for this game. It’s unfortunate when F1 23 launched, Red Flag feature is still full error what shouldn’t happen.

The results of the races hit by the red flag were still flawed, instead in a messy order. For example, you win a race, but in the final result, you fall outside the top 10.

error this almost always happens in Red Flag races, and it makes me wonder how error This sevital can escape CHeck quality. Codemasters as the developer of this game have identified this issue and have said they will fix it later. patch new. However, it would be funny if a bug like this could transfer to the final product they have scattered all over the world.

Another downside that also frustrates me is the lack of options for customization. This makes the F1 World feature that is their main “sales” also not optimal, because you cannot create the car you use as you want.

Customization options are still very limited, with very few sponsorships important to the Formula 1 car’s aesthetic. This makes the F1 World cars look unsightly when compared to the cars. F1 is real and is one of the reasons why I’m not really interested in playing this feature seriously.


overall F1 23 already a much better game than the previous version. F1 World is the main feature that can replace F1 Life, which in the previous version was the subject of laughter in the Formula 1 racing game community on the internet.

Codemasters has succeeded in presenting a new nuance through F1 World, as a feature that has never existed in a Formula 1 game before. improve that feels good in terms of style play as well as the Brake Score feature that is back this year.

Indeed this game still has its shortcomings, but F1 World’s solid foundation and features style play making these defects can still make me close my eyes a little and ignore.

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