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F1 22 . Game Review

2022 is quite an important year for Formula 1, not only in the real world but also in the field of video games. release F1 22 is also an indication of the influence EA Sports has on the jet racing game franchise.

In early 2021, EA Sports acquired Codemasters, which holds the license to make Formula 1 games. Following the acquisition process, EA Sports has the right to become the publisher of the games released every year.

This is not the first time that EA Sports has licensed a Formula 1 game. The US company held the license of this game from 2000 to 2003. They have produced several titles such as F1 2000, F1 2001, F1 2002And F1 career challenge.

After a few years of hiatus, Formula 1 games returned to the market in 2009. Codemasters had been a licensee since 2009, before EA Sports acquired them.

Like most sports games, this game has versions current generation for Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One as well as version next generation for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. For this review, love4game used the game F1 22 for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.

Now back under EA Sports’ control, is this franchise any better? love4game will look into everything in depth Evaluate this time.

Game Reviews F1 22

style play radically changed as Formula 1 evolves in the real world

Not only does it change the visuals, but F1 22 can also change the processing system compared to the previous game.

Not only does it change the visuals, but F1 22 can also change the processing system compared to the previous game. Through


Formula 1 management has completely changed the shape of the cars that will be used for racing this year. They hope that these changes will be able to deliver action overcome more interesting and bridge the gap between the best team and the worst team.

In response to these changes, Codemaster not only changed the look of the car visually by recreating the look of the car in the real world, but they also changed the whole system. control included in this game.

If you’ve ever played the game F1 2021, then you have to get rid of the habits that you brought from the game. The cars in this game have very different characteristics from the cars in the previous version.

For example, the cars in this game tend to have more characteristics co-driver than in previous games. This is the result of Codemasters’ efforts to recreate the real-world Formula 1 cars they have. downforce larger than before.

The Formula 1 cars featured in F1 22 are similar to what you would see in the real world.

The Formula 1 cars featured in F1 22 are similar to what you would see in the real world. Through


With downforce The bigger the car, of course, the easier it is to control. Therefore the car in this game can bulldoze roadside very easy. This is in stark contrast to the cars in previous games, which are easy to lose control when stepping on them. roadside contained in the circuit.

Even though you’ve played Formula 1 games, you still need time to adjust before you can get one. feel Complete driving.

This is of course very good and gives the impression that this game is very different from the previous version of the game. Something that we rarely come across in sports games has to spawn new games every year.

Feature Single player minimal change

Picking an entry point at the start of My Team is probably the only single player feature Codemasters has added to this game.

Picking an entry point at the start of My Team is probably the only single player feature Codemasters has added to this game. Through

Of course, is a racing game based on authenticity, features Single player has an important role in this game. Acting as a Formula 1 driver or having your own team and competing against real Formula 1 teams are two of the features implemented in this game.

Unfortunately, you can find these two in previous Formula 1 games. There are no new improvements that Codemasters or EA Sports have brought to this game.

The changes included in the My Teams feature are only options to determine your team’s status at the start of the game. You can choose like newcomer, quarterback challengeror Champion candidate. Each of these choices will determine how much money you have at the start, your team level when you start the season, and determine the perks you get.

As for the rest, there’s nothing new that Codemasters has implemented in this game. Even the Driver Career feature allows you to race in one of the Formula 1 teams, which is quite similar to the previous version of the game. there aren’t any improve anything, and tend to copy paste from previous edition.

Even feature Brake point was present in the game last year, disappeared without a trace in this year’s game. Even if the story ends story mode it’s pretty hanging and has the potential to make a sequel.

Given the lack of features in this game, it wouldn’t be wrong if love4game predicts that many players will stop playing this game in the next few months.

F1 life: a pointless feature

Microtransactions are really an integral part of the games made by EA Sports.

Microtransactions are really an integral part of the games made by EA Sports. Through

If there is no change in the mode single player, then a question arises in the minds of fans of the Formula 1 game. What have they been doing all this time?

The answers to these questions are answered in F1 lifea feature that until now I still don’t know what its use is other than bringing the microtransaction system into this game.

It seems that setting a price of around 1 million IDR is still not enough for EA Sports; they still want to make more money from their players. They sell some accessories like t-shirts, pants, shoes, glasses and hats for you to attach to your character.

Of course to buy these accessories you have to spend extra money which you can only get through microtransactions. But what bothers me, all these accessories have no use other than background image in the main menu.

You can’t go around town like in NBA 2K22 or use these accessories to play. ARE NOT! The characters you have are only active as players in the main menu, along with other items like sofas, lamps, or rugs that EA Sports also sells through microtransactions.

want to drive supercar? play better Forza or Gran Turismo Only!

Forza or Gran Turismo are still champions of supercars.

Forza or Gran Turismo are still champions of supercars. Through

Feature supercar which I initially considered a savior from F1 life This is also very disappointing. First, the choice of car is very small. You can only choose cars from manufacturers participating in Formula 1 racing such as Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren or Aston Martin. And even then with a limited choice of cars. Other manufacturers like Lamborghini, Porsche or Audi are not in the game.

Second, you can’t even race using supercar the. That’s right, you can’t use super cars in this game to race. You can only drive supercar It’s inside mini gamesThe longest duration is only about 2 to 3 minutes per session.

In the first place, I couldn’t really see a correlation between Formula 1 and supercar. Everyone’s expectation when buying this game is to be a Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton who can drive the world’s most technologically advanced racing car. Not for driving supercarhas a level far inferior to Formula 1 cars.

It seems that Codemasters’ attempt to compete with Forza or Gran Turismo has completely failed. The reason is simple, in both games you can race using supercar. One thing that you won’t find in this game.

Gives Formula 1 racing feel like real world, with some flaws

Despite some drawbacks, F1 22 still feels like real world racing.

Despite some drawbacks, F1 22 still feels like real world racing. Through


As love4game mentioned before, sports games sell authentic factors. In this game they give the feel of a Formula 1 racer with just one console.

So they try to copy all the elements of Formula 1 into this game they created. For example, this game has features Running RaceNew Formula 1 Manager introduced last year to the real world.

Then the circuits included in this game are also very complete and spelled out update. For example, the Miami International Autodrome, which has just been added to the Formula 1 calendar this year, can be played from day one of its release.

Then some update in the available circuits are also present in this game. For example, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Yas Marina Circuit and Albert Park, which have significant real-world changes, are all well reproduced in this game.

But Codemasters and EA Sports are still lacking in some aspects that I feel are quite important and have a big impact on the playing experience. For example, there is no time red flagthat’s what we usually see in Formula 1 in the real world when a very serious crash or collision occurs.

Then the cars crashed overlap During the Safety Car time, they still cannot pass the Safety Car to catch their lap. This makes the Safety Car appear when you are in a collision overlapthen your race will be ruined and you will certainly not be able to catch up with other cars.

Whether these two are fundamental issues, and have been the official rule of Formula 1 racing since time immemorial. Unfortunately, Codemasters and EA Sports failed to do this and added to the negative value that this game has.


Disorientation is probably the right word to describe this game. Be aware of Formula 1’s rise in popularity thanks to the Netflix series titled Drive to survivemake this game really chase elements off the track through features F1 life or supercar.

Elements in the circuit that are the lifeblood of the sport seem to have been completely ignored. This is evident from the lack of improve in features single playeras well as two simple rules that Codemasters and EA Sports must follow.

Big change to terms style play, become the savior of this game. At least it brings a new nuance and flavor to this game. After reading this love4game game review, what are these and the pros and cons F1 22 can guarantee if this game can last for a long time? Share your opinion in the comment column, OK!

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