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Extraction 2 (2023) Movie Review

extraction 2

Extraction 2 is a sequel to Extraction which was released in 2020, a Neflix film which was translated from the graphic novel Ciudad. The sequel again stars Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a former Australian special forces soldier turned mercenary. Also there are Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa reprising their roles as Nik Khan and Yaz Khan.

Likewise, Sam Hargrave is back as director. Extraction’s first film is Hargrave’s directorial debut. Extraction 2 was originally going to shoot in Sydney, Australia but due to pandemic restrictions it was moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

Extraction 2 (2023) Synopsis

In the first film, Tyler Rake is on a mission to save the son of an Indian drug lord who is kidnapped by a rival drug lord. So in this sequel, Tyler is back on a mission to free a Georgian gangster family from prison.

Extraction is a film that was produced when the pandemic was still sweeping the world and is the most watched on Netflix, so it’s no wonder that Netflix continues the success of its first film. Extraction 2 begins with what happened at the end of the first film.

At the end of the film, we see a badly injured Tyler falling off a bridge into the river. It was after that scene that the second film’s storyline began, Niz and Yaz immediately helped Tyler and took him to Dubai to be treated at the best medical facility.

At the beginning of this film, the tempo looks slow and we will see a lot of Tyler who is undergoing rehabilitation to recover from his injuries.

extraction 2

Extraction 2 Movie Review

The story is divided into two parts

After recovering, Nik and Yaz then take Tyler to a remote snowy cabin in Austria and ‘force’ him to retire early. Until one day, in his cabin he is visited by a mysterious person who wants to hire him to free a family.

Tyler’s task is to break into a prison in Georgia to free Ketevin (Tinatin Dalakishivili) and his two children, Sandro (Andro Jafaridze) and Nina (Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili).

They are forced to live behind bars by their husband and father, Davit Radiani (Tornike Bziava). Ketevin is the sister of Mia (Olga Kurylenko), his ex-wife.

extraction 2 review

Teaming up again with Nik and Yaz they try to get Ketevin and his two children out but things don’t go smoothly. They are then hunted down by the men of Davit and his brother Zurab (Tornike Gogrichiani).

Davit is the younger brother of Zurab who heads a violent criminal group in Georgia called Nagazi, which trades in weapons and narcotics.

Extraction 2 is divided into two parts of the film, in the first part through the prologue we see that Tyler survives and recovers then the plot continues when they arrive at a Georgia prison and are chased by Nagazi.

One Take One Shot which lasted 21 minutes

The first Extraction is known for its spectacular action scenes featuring long, uninterrupted fights with what is called ‘one take one shot’ lasting 12 minutes.

In Extraction 2 we will also see that scene again even with a slightly longer duration, ‘one take one shot’ Extraction 2 lasts 21 minutes.

extraction 2 movie

Starting from a prison break which ended in chaos, Tyler had to take Ketevin and his two children across prison halls, basements and prison yards full of convicts.

The action scenes are quite fast and brutal, Tyler has to save himself and help Ketevin through it by fighting with his bare hands, pistols, rifles, knives or the prison warden’s shield.

After escaping from the prison they cannot breathe easy, we will see the action of chasing cars, motorbikes and ATVs and then the action continues by running across a factory while avoiding the pursuit of Nagazi members who will not stop before their revenge is successful.

And the climax when they managed to escape by train, they were chased by helicopters and fights inside and outside the train. The second half begins when Tyler and his friends make it safely to Vienna, Austria and arrive at an apartment located in a high tower.

Thinking he was safe, Nagazi members caught up with them and trapped him in the apartment. This time we will see the efforts of Tyler and others to get out of the apartment amidst the Nagazi members’ siege.

In terms of action and tempo, this sequel is not as good as its predecessor in the first film, we are faced with many actions that take place at a fast, brutal and seemingly non-stop tempo.

In this sequel, the action is not as fast as its predecessor, even though the action sequences and choreography are quite exciting, neatly arranged and complicated. With action somewhat similar to the John Wick saga, Tyler Rake fights Gun-fu style with a gun and bare hands.

Shows details of the life of Tyler Rake

The new film continues Tyler’s emotional journey from the previous film, leaving him to confront the unresolved issues of his son’s death and leaving his family in their time of need.

Review extraction 2 movie

Tyler was away fighting in Afghanistan at the time when his young son finally died of cancer. His abandonment left him with a deep sense of guilt and Tyler has never recovered emotionally since.

The storyline in this sequel also features a bit of drama, raised in the midst of war anarchy, Davit and Zurab grow up to be sadistic and militant, with members who worship them as their helpers so they are not reluctant to use various means to achieve their goals.

Sandro who has been brainwashed by his father and uncle must finally choose whether to follow in their footsteps or protect his mother.

Extraction 2 Conclusion

Even though the action sequence is not as good as the first, this second film presents a more complete storyline which not only presents the action but also the drama plot. For those of you who are curious, you can watch this film on Netflix.

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