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Due to the Sluggish Economy, Nintendo Stops Sales in Russia

Telset.id, Jakarta – Nintendo has recently made the decision to stop selling products in Russia and place the Nintendo eShop into a state of maintenance.

Nintendo’s decision to keep its eShop service in a state of maintenance had a major impact on the game market in Russia. The cessation of sales was also due to unstable economic conditions.

In early 2022, Nintendo took significant steps in this sale, following the suspension of transactions in Russian rubles for payment transactions on the service.


According to Gizmochina, currently Nintendo of Europe has made a difficult decision, by stopping selling the company in Russia, due to the challenging economic prospects as the reason for this.

Despite that decision, the company remains committed to its loyal customers in the Russian region and is taking steps to honor previous commitments. The Russian version of the Nintendo eShop will continue to offer limited services to existing customers.

This is effective as of May 31, 2023, and in the future, customers in Russia with active Nintendo accounts will still be able to re-download digital content they have previously purchased.

The company’s move to continue offering its customers in Russia is also aimed at ensuring that para gamers can continue to access and enjoy the games they have purchased.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that it’s no longer possible to create a new Nintendo account with the Russian country setting. Additionally, payment information associated with Nintendo accounts, such as credit card details or PayPal has been removed for security reasons.

Although, the decision to limit this may make some customers feel uncomfortable, Nintendo prioritizes matters relating to the security and protection of its users’ personal information.


Nintendo’s discontinuation of sales in Russia reflects the complexity of the global game market and the challenges faced by multinational companies in the face of economic uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch sales are expected to be less good this year. Despite these setbacks, the company remains committed to providing the best gaming experience for all players around the world, while taking appropriate measures to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. [NM/HBS]

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