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Disney Mirrorverse game review

June 2022 Disney in collaboration with Kabam released a game in the RPG genre. Disney Mirrorverse is an RPG with many characters from Disney and Pixar that you can use; Starting with Disney’s first animated film, Buzz and Woody from Toy Story; to Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6.

This strategy game combines three people from four existing roles; namely Melee, Tank, Ranged and also Support. Not only from combining each character, you have to strategically see who will attack and who will defend.

Although there are a lot of Disney games that do cross with Presenting characters from many Franchising-his, Disney Mirrorverse character display with new interface. We can see a variety of unique costumes that have never been seen before.

Available in mobile version, Disney Mirrorverse You can download it for free through the App Store and Play Store. by doing link your Google play account and if you have a Kabam account you will get an extra bonus when you first join the game.

This time love4game will discuss one of the games cross from a Disney and Kaban partnership. Curious about what the game is like? Now, check out the next post!

Disney Mirrorverse game review

Disney characters have scary looks

Disney Mirrorverse There is a story that two stars collided and created a new world. The fusion of these two creates the world Disney Mirrorverse. The Disney characters you know like Eve from Wall-E, Sully from Monster Inc, Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow and many more have different styles of clothing.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast Just such punta and gahar fighter outfit! Not only Belle, Disney Princesses everyone is hair in this game. Features Ariel, Rapunzel, Mulan, Anna, Elsa, Tiana, Merida and more Disney Princesses that you can play in this game.

The design of these new and unique costumes for each character is very appealing. You see, this costume you’ve never seen in any of the Disney movies.

style play light for enthusiasts happy

Three characters with the same or different roles depending on your will will come to the battlefield to defeat the enemy. Disney Mirrorverse Game very light, because you just need to move one of the characters to dodge and do skill exist. However, other characters will move automatically skill they will be controlled by you as you wish.

Even if you don’t want to move your character, there is a mode Autorun offer you. About fashion Autorun you do not need to move the character and the skills of all the characters are automatically activated when cool down Everything was over.

Not only that, about fashion grinding To upgrade the character, there is a mode autocomplete This makes it very easy to do without wasting time crushed material. But this mode can only work after you complete the level.

Other modes besides stories To be dungeon And Tower. About fashion dungeon you will use Physical dungeon and move in the maze to go to the next level. Method Tower is a mode against different bosses with their respective difficulty levels. If successful, you will get materials and more, then go to the next level and meet another boss.

Force you to spend money

One of the factors why this game often offers attractive offers with big discounts is: Disney Mirrorverse This is a free mobile game.

When you complete some levels above chapter First you will be given lots of free gacha to get your favorite characters. You will then be offered multiple offers on the same page.

Not only that, every time you log in for the first time of the day, you will get a new offer at a cheap and very affordable price. The game is a bit annoying because these offers will appear at unexpected times when you are on the homepage, when you want to choose a level, and also when you complete a task.

Gacha is very rich

When you play this game for the first time, there will be a lot of gacha or Crystals that you will get to collect your favorite characters. You may remember that there will be some gachas that require you to take characters like Merida, Sulley, Jack Sparrow so you know the role of each character first.

On the column achievement and lots of objectives, some of them will have free character gacha after you complete certain missions. Some will give you Orbs to collect and trade for gacha.

Not only that, you can also get gacha in this game after doing it event sure. You can also exchange Fragments or point at shop become Crystal for gacha or Orb for you to save.

Alliances are where you join with other players. Here you can also get Laurels to exchange for characters, Orbs or Crystal Shards. By doing easy quests you will get at least 1000 Laurels in exchange for shop.

dungeon is a maze mode with stamina separate from other modes. In this maze mode you can get gacha or Crystal after completing the floor. Dungeon exp you will get as you scroll through dungeon to go to the next level. You can not only get Crystals, Orbs in this mode.

doesn’t end there, Log in every day will also give you interesting gachas; Start from guaranteed up two stars ensure four character stars you can pass Daily login bonus. Lucky for you if you play with time event launched due to tons of gacha launched from Daily login bonus.

Complete? Of course not. You can also get free gacha with cool down sure. Disney Mirrorverse give handmade Crystals are free, but you have to wait from 2 hours to 12 hours with various prizes ranging from ingredients to three-star characters.

The longer you play, the harder it is to add power

Characters start strong and level up making your enemies also start to be hard to defeat. So first you have to focus on strengthening your character.

With features autocomplete which makes it easier for you to do grinding necessary materials and will save you time to make grinding. But it’s a pity when stamina and number of wins in a quest prevent you from doing it grinding fast. This is what makes leveling up the characters more difficult as you play this game over time.

The material will increase in quantity to use for a specific character after you use it to make it stronger and you cannot get the material for only one day due to the limited level of play.

Not only materials to level up the character, materials to increase the character’s skills are also very difficult to find. Up until now I’m playing, materials earned to upgrade skills are only about 3 to 5 materials. From these 3 materials you can only upgrade 5 skills from the character you use.


That’s the game review Disney Mirrorverse. With attractive character design and very light gameplay, this game is very comfortable to play in your spare time. You can also play anywhere.

The main goal of this game is to spoil the player, make the player comfortable and start luring them to start bit by bit to spend money to strengthen their character. Be careful okay!

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