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Crowd Evolution Advertising Game Review

If you watch YouTube or Tiktok a lot, you will often come across game ads mobile who walks. Out of curiosity about these ads, love4game game review this time will discuss the game Crowd Evolution ads that you must see regularly.

Who is not annoyed when watching Youtube or Tiktok suddenly have to show ads? One of the ads that appear is usually in the form of human evolution while running from year to year.

The higher he goes, the more sophisticated weapons he can carry to overcome existing obstacles. Usually these ads will end when the human fails to overcome the obstacles he encounters, so the more curious you are to upload them.

This time the game review from love4game will discuss one of the promotional games titled Crowd Evolution. Curious, check out the following love4game article!

Crowd Evolution promotional game review

monotonous gameplay

Conceptually, this game really reminds you quite a bit of the game Endless athlete alike Temple run or subway surfers. However, the difference is if Temple Run or Subway Surfer can keep running without stopping to get the highest score Crowd Evolution one point is the finish line.

To reach the goal, you must destroy a series of long walls. The stronger your army at the start of the game, the greater your chances of destroying the wall and completing the level.

At the start of the match, you will have the option to increase the strength of your army. Indicators in the form of gates act as multiplierfrom the strength of your army.

Crowd evolution game.

Crowd evolution game. Through


For example, when you go through a portal that can add years to your army, the weapons you have will be even better. Then there is also a portal that can increase the number of troops that will increase fire speed from your army.

Then you also have to eliminate the opposing armies. The more enemies you kill, the more money you get. You can then use this money to strengthen your army.

When you try it for the first or second time, you’ll probably still love it. But when you have played it many times, it will certainly feel monotonous because it is so familiar.

Have pattern predictable, when you already know the combination to increase the troops to the maximum. Especially if you’re good at math or can count quickly, the challenges in this game won’t do any good.

There are a lot of ads!

But the most annoying thing is that the ads in this game are mushrooming. Every time I finish playing, I have to watch ads dance. The option to exit your own ads only appears after the ad ends, which usually lasts about 30 seconds.

This means that every time you complete a level or die, you have to watch an ad that lasts about 30 seconds before you can play again. This is of course very annoying, especially the duration style playit’s not much different from the duration of the ad.

Crowd Evolution Game Review

Crowd Evolution Game Review

A level in this game is usually about 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. Maybe within an hour of playing this game you will spend more time watching ads.

Not only does it appear after you complete a level, ads also appear if you wantupgrade your army. There are even some upgrade levels that you can’t unlock with in-game currencybut watching an ad is also approximately 30 seconds long and you can’t dance.

Indeed, there is an option to remove ads by paying an additional fee of IDR 45,000. But with a monotonous gameplay like this, it seems that you should use money to buy coffee to help you sleep when ads appear in this game.

In general, love4game can say if Crowd Evolution Not a game with ads in it. But a place for advertising wrapped in a game. If you are thinking of giving this game a try, you better not try it because all you see is regret.

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