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Crazy claim: GTA 6 will make money as you play!

Interesting information about GTA 6 has emerged recently. A new one has been added to the claims that deal with the map and story of the game. Accordingly, Rockstar Games will bring blockchain integration to the virtual money earned in GTA 6 (or GTA Online). Thus, players will be able to convert their earned money into crypto.

You will be able to convert the money you earn in GTA 6 to crypto

New reports suggest GTA 6 will revolutionize the way players interact with the popular series. showed. Rockstar, “win by playing” (play-to-earn) model will be adopted. The new production, which is expected to debut in 2024, will offer a blockchain compatible GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has previously confirmed that GTA 6 is under active development. Since we haven’t seen a new production for about 10 years, the game is expected to push the limits. That’s why the “play to win” model could revolutionize GTA Online.


GTA VI is on the horizon: here's the expected release date!

GTA VI is on the horizon: here’s the expected release date!

The release date of the GTA VI game has been delayed many times, while economic uncertainty and the pandemic process are mentioned. However, the company rolled up its sleeves for the game.

GTA 5 is actually “play to win” style approach was adopted. In other words, the money earned in GTA Online could only be used in the game. GTA 6, on the other hand, will include virtual exchanges to include cryptocurrencies.

Details regarding the integration of blockchain technology and crypto rewards into GTA 6 are unclear. However, initial claims say that Bitcoin could be used as an in-game payment method. In other words, GTA 6 players will have brought their fun in the virtual world to real life.

Take-Two looks forward to the future with the statement it made while sharing its annual earnings report. The company stated that 2025 will witness a great rise for them financially. Considering previous leaks GTA VI in 2024 can be placed on the market.

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