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CarX street game review

Racing games are one of the most popular game genres, especially for consoles and PCs. As time goes on, racing games have now also come to mobile phones. Comment this time the game from love4game will evaluate about Road XeXone of the racing games that you can play on mobile phones running the iOS operating system.

Road XeX itself is a game created by CarX Technologies, a game studio from Russia. This game is the fifth project they are working on, after CarX highway racing, CarX Drift Racing 2, CarX Drift Racing OnlineAnd CarX rally.

After waiting quite a while, Road XeX has finally made its official debut for iOS-based phones. Intrigued by game reviews Road XeX, what is the latest project of CarX Technologies? Come on, check out the following love4game review!

CarX street game review

Remind you forza horizon or need for speed

CarX street game review.

CarX street game review. Through

Some time ago, my friend gave me information that there will be a game mobile title Road XeXsimilar to forza horizon or need for speed. As a fan of the two franchises of console racing games, of course I was immediately interested in giving this game a try. Road XeX.

After trying out CarX Street for a few hours, it turns out that the game really reminds me of it forza horizon or need for speed but with mobile version. You can also get some aspects contained in the two games in this game.

One of the most obvious factors expand the world which this game is trying to prolong. CarX Technologies has provided folder quite large, for the size of the game mobile. besides having folder large, there are many kinds of activities that you can do.

This game has several different modes that you can try. For example, there is a race mode, time attack, driftedand also police. In addition, to be able to play this mode, you must also go to the location provided in folder.

That’s what you usually find in forza horizon or need for speed. In addition to the similar game modes, other aspects are also quite similar to the two big brands. For example, you can launch a combo whendriftedto increase your XP.

Extensive customization options

Customization options in CarX Street.

Customization options in CarX Street. Through

A racing game certainly wouldn’t be complete without rich customization options. Modifying your car to make it unique and personal can be a special attraction for players who want to try racing games.

Well, you can find that in this game. Although the options for modifying the car are not many forza horizonbut the game’s customization options are close to a similar customization system need for speed.

Road XeX

Road XQua

For example, you can have many options to change the shape tights, bumper or add a spoiler behind the car. Besides, you can also change the color of the car you have, with a lot of color choices.

This game also provides a tuning system to make your car faster. While it doesn’t have specific visual effects, you can upgrade your car’s engine or suspension to make it even faster.

Has captivating graphics

CarX Street.

CarX Street. Through

After mentioning folder relatively large, it doesn’t make any sense if the graphics are not optimal. Fortunately, the graphics are Road XeX also very good, for the size of the game mobile.

This game has a great level of detail. Starting from the details of the car are quite good, to the shape of the building inside folder. The presence of NPCs in the form of cars rolling on the streets also makes this game come to life.

CarX Street Map

CarX road map through

Other small things you can also find are fireworks, which are part of update last new year. When the time has entered into the evening, there will be fireworks exploding in the sky and you can watch them.

Meanwhile, the buildings in the city center will also be brightly lit when the time is getting closer to night. It’s such little things that make this game not only fun to play, but beautiful to look at.

Not for phone potatoes


Good graphics, of course, require high specifications of the mobile phone. That’s what can make this game annoying, if you play it with an old mobile phone with slightly outdated specs.

love4game played this game with iPhone 12 and found it many times stutter that’s pretty annoying. When you’re in a quiet part of town, you don’t really feel it stutter-his. But when I entered the city center full of tall buildings and NPC cars, stutterit’s really annoying while racing.

This game has the option to change the graphics quality for each mobile phone, but that also doesn’t seem to have a significant impact. Even though I used the lowest quality graphics, I still see it stutterit is not lost.

Full of microtransactions


like a game play for free, of course, you can’t avoid the microtransaction element in this game. Not quite though pay to winbut there are some things locked behind fee wall.

For example, some cars that you can only buy with real money. Not just cars, but some other things that you can only get with real money. For example, customization options and adjustsome of them are locked in the back fee wall.

But rather annoyingly, some of these options can make your car faster. Means if you rechargethen there is a possibility that you can have a faster car than online players play for free.

CarX street game review.

CarX street game review. Through

Even the gas filling system in this game has a strong microtransaction element. For example, there are two types of gasoline in this game, regular gasoline and sports gasoline.

You can buy regular gas by watching ads or paying with gas in-game currency which becomes a prize after you complete the race. Meanwhile, sports gasoline, which can help your car run faster, you can only get with real money.

Overall, Road XeX own style play It’s fun for you to try to play. Besides having quite a few modes, you can also race against the AI ​​in real time offline or race against other players online online.

While it feels pretty thick in terms of microtransactions, there are still plenty of cars you can get if you’re diligent grinding. This means that if you are really aiming for a car, then you have to work hard to create it. grinding Correct!

That’s the full review of love4game, about the game Road XeX which you can now download officially through the App Store. Don’t forget to keep visiting love4game for the latest in gaming and esports news!

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