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Can’t get enough of the trophies: Türk Telekom eSuper League champions Galatasaray!

Türk Telekom eSuper League
Türk Telekom continues to support sports and athletes, while keeping up with technology. In line with this, the company recently organized a competition for Spor Toto Süper Lig teams, organized by the Turkish Football Federation. eSuper League became its sponsor. Finally, if Turk Telekom eSuper LeagueThe first season of .

Türk Telekom became the champion of eSuper League Galatasaray!

Galatasaray won the Grand Final at the ESA Arena. Defeating their rival Trabzonspor with a score of 3-1 in the Grand Final and 3-2 in the Reset Bracket, Galatasaray became the team to lift the first trophy of the first official eSüper League held in Turkey. Galatasaray player Kaan Tüzün presented the Türk Telekom eSüper League trophy Türk Telekom eSüper League cup Turkish Football Federation Board Member Responsible for Strategic and Corporate Communications Prof. Dr. İdil Karademirlidağ took it from Suher.

Turkish Football Federation Executive Board Member Responsible for Strategic and Corporate Communications Prof. Dr. In her speech at the Suher cup ceremony, İdil Karademirlidağ said, “As the Federation, we are proud to have a presence in this field as one of the 20 official leagues of the world in eFootball, by breaking new ground in Turkey. At the end of the Grand Final, which witnessed great excitement today, the first champion of our league has been determined. I sincerely congratulate our champion team, athletes, trainers and managers.

Galatasaray became the champion of the Super League: Social media was destroyed

Galatasaray became the Super League champion for the 2022-2023 season. The yellow-red club, which finished the league leader for the 23rd time, raised the social media.

As the Federation, our hope is that this excitement and competition in the eSüper League will grow exponentially every season and that our league will become the most important eFootball League in the world. With the eSüper League, which will become a stronger, more exciting league that will increase the number of viewers every season, our clubs will also be in a position to generate significant income from eFootball, which has a large economic volume.

“The qualification of our eNational Team to participate in the World Cup Türk Telekom is the success of eSüper League”

Emphasizing that Türk Telekom eSüper League’s success is also the fact that our eNational Team won the right to participate in the World Cup this year, Suher said, “The ongoing and competitive environment brings international success as well. The eSüper League becoming stronger with the contributions and support of Türk Telekom will also pave the way for our eNational Team to achieve greater successes that will make our country proud. Today, our champion team and the second of our league won the right to represent our country in the FIFA Global Series. I wish success to both of our teams in the Global Series in advance, and I wholeheartedly believe that they will achieve significant success.”

Noting that it is of great importance to establish the right and strong collaborations in order to achieve great goals, Suher said, “It is also very valuable that one of the most important brands of Turkey, like Türk Telekom, started this journey with TFF in eFootball. I would like to thank all the managers and employees of Türk Telekom, the esteemed CEO of Türk Telekom, who named eSüper League as the name sponsor and is the publisher of our league, Ümit Önal. I believe that the union of two strong brands will give a great impetus to our country in the field of eFootball.

Next season, we will start our eSuper League, in which Türk Telekom will be the title sponsor and broadcaster, in November with 20 teams. We have already started our work. Next season, eFootball lovers will have the chance to be a part of the great excitement with a stronger, more competitive Türk Telekom eSüper League. We would also like to thank our teams, the managers of the eFootball teams, the players, and the Association of Clubs Foundation for their great efforts with the TFF and the organization in this project. On behalf of the entire eSüper League family, I would like to express my gratitude to Mehmet Büyükekşi, the esteemed President of our Football Federation, who broke new ground in Turkey with his progressive vision.” said.

“We are also taking a leading role in the game industry with high-speed internet”

Türk Telekom Marketing and Customer Experience Assistant General Manager Zeynep Özden“As Türk Telekom, we have taken the innovations and changes brought by digitalization in sports to our center while leading Turkey’s digital transformation. We left behind a season full of exciting matches in the eSüper Lig, organized by the TFF for the first time this year in Turkey and featuring Spor Toto Süper Lig teams. As the title sponsor and publisher of the eSüper League, we are delighted to contribute to the eSports ecosystem and to take a leading role in this field.

By bringing the high-speed fiber infrastructure, which is among the priorities of eSports, to every city in the country, we contribute not only to digital transformation, but also to the game industry, with high-speed internet up to 1000 Mbps. As Türk Telekom, we have created a universe that will meet all the needs of gamers. With Playstore, our digital game shopping platform, we offer popular PC and mobile games and various game packages to game lovers at the same time as the world. With GAMEON, the only brand in the industry that offers gamers-specific internet and game-oriented benefits, we have created a more integrated platform that includes internet and game-oriented benefits and interactions.

I would like to congratulate the teams in the eSüper League, which we follow with enthusiasm and bring to the screen as the official publisher, for their good fight. Congratulations to our champion team and thank you to the Turkish Football Federation and everyone who contributed to this process. As the first season of Türk Telekom eSüper League is completed; next season We will continue to bring sports fans together with our TV platform, Tivibu, where we offer many innovations and technological features.”

Champion revealed in Reset Bracket

The last series of the season in Türk Telekom eSüper League hosted great excitement. Galatasaray, the rival of Trabzonspor, which made its mark in the Grand Final with its victory in the Winners Final, managed to beat its rival Alanyaspor with a clear score of 2-0 in the Losers Final series played before the Grand Final. Having achieved the score of 3-1 in the Grand Final where BO5 was played, Galatasaray moved the determination of the team that will lift the trophy to Reset Bracket, since Trabzonspor came from the Winners’ Final. As the Reset Bracket series went head-to-head, the fifth match determined the team that reached the cup.

Trabzonspor, who was able to score only one goal against Galatasaray in the second half of the match, whose first half ended in a 0-0 draw, became the team that finished second in the league. With the series ending 3-2, the first trophy of Türk Telekom eSuper League, Turkey’s first official eFootball league, rose in the hands of Galatasaray players and technical team.

Finalists will represent Turkey in FIFA Global Series

The champion of Türk Telekom eSüper League, which was officially organized for the first time in Turkey this year, Galatasaray won an award of 200 thousand TL. Türk Telekom eSüper League, played over FIFA 23, the latest version of the world’s most popular video football game FIFA series, became one of the 20 official leagues, and the finalists won the right to represent Turkey in the FIFA Global Series.

Tivibu Spor, which is the main address of eSports broadcasting in Turkey, has broadcast many popular competitions live and continues to be broadcast. Türk Telekom eSüper League matches will continue to meet with sports fans and gamers in the next season, only through Tivibu Spor channels and Tivibu Spor’s Twitch and YouTube accounts.

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