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Avatar Generations game review

Generation Avatar is one of the new RPG genre games released for iOS and Android. Seeing this game just released, there is a game review to consider the problem advantages and disadvantages This game is made by Navigator Games.

This exciting game was developed by Navigator Games in partnership with Paramount Consumer Products and CDE Entertainment. The game itself is taken from the official adaptation of the Nickelodeon series, Avatar for The Legend of Aang.

Fans of this series can finally enjoy and play immediately what has been released globally. For the uninitiated, the game Generation Avatar can play through smartphone for iOS as well as Android.

Intrigued by game reviews Generation Avatar from love4game? Come on, just check out the following article!

Avatar Generation game review

Iconic character

Create loyal fans Avatar Legend of Aang You probably already know the iconic character from the animated series. on the game Generation AvatarCharacters are also presented.

Game reviews, iconic characters

Rate the game, iconic characters past


You can play names like Pakku, Toph Beifong, Xin Fu, Admiral Zhao and Suki after doing certain missions.

Not only that, players will then feel the changes that some characters go through. As in Zuko’s outfit, it looks dapper at first glance armorher, but then changed as she became a better person.

The plot is very interesting like a cartoon

You are probably familiar with the main character’s face in the game. Yes, Aang is one of the main characters in Generation Avatar which has its own advantages.

This ability also appears in the animated series that you may already know. Story Generation Avatar also shows Katara and his brother Sokka, who first met the legend, Aang.

Avatar Generations game review, interesting storyline

Avatar Generations game review, interesting storyline through


The meeting continues until the three characters meet Toph Beifong. As the members increase, the four characters eventually meet Zuko, a villain. Gradually he realized and joined Aang and his friends.

IN Generation Avatar even later all these young people will fight against the fire king. If you are a loyal fan of the animated series Avatar for The Legend of AangSurely you already know about some of the challenges you have faced.

Light and relaxing game

Generation Avatar presents an interesting RPG genre. The following players will form a team of four according to the available characters. Each character has different skills and abilities that can be combined with other characters on the same team.

Later on these four characters will dominate everywhere skill which combine to form a union. Plus the tactical elements in the game make each battle a little different and a lot more challenging every time.

Avatar Generations game review, How to play

Avatar Generations, Gameplay Via . game review


Also this game has style play strategy makes it easy for players to play. The buttons feel responsive and are also quite satisfying for the player. I don’t think you’ll have any problems though it might smartphone what you usually use.

This RPG genre game offers tactical gameplay that is not too heavy, so that players will later feel more comfortable in developing tactics to complete assigned tasks. Suitable for playing for a long time.

Super graphics smooth

Generation Avatar so one of the newcomers is pretty good, especially if you are really a fan of Aang CS. The problem is the kind of graphics that make us feel like we’re stepping into a cartoon. This kind of graphics ultimately makes this RPG game a little less heavy.

Unfortunately, if you pay close attention, some of the characters don’t feel like the cartoon version at all.

Avatar Generations Game Review, Super Smooth Graphics

Avatar Generations Game Review, Super Smooth Graphics



Overall, this game is a pretty relaxing RPG to play. So sad, there is a system gacha inside requires players to spend money to make their character imba. If love4game does the math, maybe you can spend some money around 400k IDR to get the best version of your character.

Ah that’s it Avatar Generations game review love4game version. Do not forget to continue to visit love4game to receive the latest information about Game and eSports!

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