15 June 2023 – Today, LightSpeed ​​Studios, one of the world's most successful and innovative game developers, with Level Infinite, a gaming brand dedicated to delivering high-quality games to a global audience Undawninvites you to survive. This completely Turkish and free-to-play survival RPG (Role Playing Game) is now available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on PC via Steam and the official website. Here are the details…

Adventure through a post-apocalyptic world with Undawn

UndawnIn , players must act together with other survivors in a world overrun by zombies. PvP And PvE In the game that brings together their experiences, players will struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic wastelands by fending off the attacks of both zombie hordes and enemy groups. Developed using Unreal Engine Undawntransports the survivors to a huge and immersive universe filled with diverse terrains and ecosystems. Players will build their homes and build a new civilization together using an extensive free-building system that includes over 1,000 types of furniture, items, and structures.

Undawn With , the team has taken on the ambitious task of developing an open world RPG that will redefine the survival genre,” said Anthony Crouts, Marketing Director for Level Infinite. “We can't wait for players to experience this vision come to life and truly immerse themselves in this massive post-apocalyptic adventure.”

Steam design completely changed!

Steam design completely changed!

Steam has been completely renewed with the latest update. Here are the details about the new giant update...

In this breathtaking adventure, players will encounter legendary disaster survivor Trey Jones, played by famous star Will Smith. Four years after a global catastrophe, Trey will act as a guide to help other survivors find their way around the world.

Surviving the zombies, the survivors will live in different groups, each with its own rules. As members of the famous Ravens' Sanctuary, players will face off against tough teams like Clowns, Eagles, Owls and Raiders for their territory, and surviving some of the darkest nights together until the sun comes up.

To be informed about the developments, please visit the official website and Undawn's Facebook, Instagram, twitterfollow their social channels on YouTube and Discord.